Mommyhood Rants

None of this writing belongs together. Bear with me.

I'm sure we all have had those days where we feel like we've had zero sleep and you're full zombie status. That is the boat I'm in today. My son does pretty well through the night. He just whines a bit but usually falls right back to sleep. However, with our super mommy powers we hear every noise they make regardless of how small it is and, at least for me, I jolt awake and have to check on him. I'm not one for crying it out, even though I do know that is some mother's preference. More power to you who can cross that bridge and conquer it! I am a bit envious but I still just don't have the heart to let my baby cry himself into exhaustion because even if I try to sleep through it, I hear EVERYTHING.

I know that most moms think everything other moms do is ridiculous. For instance, my son was breastfed for ten months and is finishing off the freezer stash I have. Why start on formula if you truly don't need to? For formula mommies, though, hey a fed baby is a happy baby and that's all that truly matters. You feed your baby how you want it to be fed! And for all the naysayers for either breastfeeding or formula, well you can screw off! I would use my choice words but that isn't exactly appropriate for a mother to spew for the world. (Please don't check my Facebook out... I am wildly vulgar on my personal page and have no desire to change my language or ways.) I am on the rant of a never ending battle. I am so incredibly glad I was able to breastfeed as long as I did. My son just had other plans and I'm so grateful my son doesn't battle bottles like I've read some mommies have to deal with. I'm really lucky my son is easy to deal with most of the time (teething is in full force and is pure, pure evil). He's quite happy and very smily and playful and will soon be walking on his own. I don't think I'll know what to do when that day comes.

As for how this week's been, we are in Mercury's retrogade (I believe is the term) and man has it been spewing it's negative energies in my work life and personal life. I probably could have knocked out a few teeth of some humans I've encountered, some even being my own family because of this negative energy force that is supposed to last with us until December 22. How crazy is this world we live in when simple energy can literally alter our every day life? I just hope the days pass quicker than they have these last few days. It's currently Wednesday and it feels like it should be next Tuesday already with how much chaos has happened over the course of the last three days.

This article has become quite the scatterbrained rants that spew out of my mouth (and I'm one of those people who other people hate and claim it is because of my star sign Gemini, which I'm in full belief is wildly accurate for my every day mannerisms). I've been rather tired today versus what my normal days consist of. My son was getting sick so we started him with some medicine to ease his cold and allergy symptoms and I was slowly dipping into becoming one of those bad moms to use medications to help him sleep so I could sleep but I have stopped. But I sure do miss those nights even though he's beginning to sleep better.

I guess it's time to get back to the real world and be productive. Stay strong and kind, readers. We need more people like you.

Nicole Hallman

I am a new mommy to a little boy who's almost 1 year old. I'm married to my crazy husband. We have been together over 2 years but were married on August 18, 2017! I have two beautiful bonus children a son and daughter ages 11 and 15. Enjoy!

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