Nicole Hallman

I am a new mommy to a little boy who's almost 1 year old. I'm married to my crazy husband. We have been together over 2 years but were married on August 18, 2017! I have two beautiful bonus children a son and daughter ages 11 and 15. Enjoy!

Mommyhood Rants
10 months ago
I'm sure we all have had those days where we feel like we've had zero sleep and you're full zombie status. That is the boat I'm in today. My son does pretty well through the night. He just whines a bi...
Motherhood at Its Finest
10 months ago
As a new mother, there are a thousand challenges I never thought I'd ever have to endure. I always used to be one of those people who would say, "I'm never having kids. I'm never getting married." Wel...