Samantha Reid

I have been a creative writer for over 10 years, an academic for 7 years, and a blogger for 3 years. Writing is my passion and it's what I love.

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Independent Play
8 days ago
Independent play; it comes along much too quickly. We wait for a time when we can leave them on their own to play. A time when we don't have to hold them or watch them so closely. A time when we can p...
The First 6 Months
2 months ago
Having a child is a wonderful thing. Society will go on and on about what a blessing a child is, how their presence changes your entire life, and how it's such a wonderful adventure. They aren't wrong...
Baby Cuddles
7 months ago
We live in a culture that seems to believe that newborns need some form of independence. People seem to believe that you can hold a baby too much, cuddle them too much, and basically love them too muc...
Breastfeeding in Public
7 months ago
Breastfeeding is a controversial topic. Some people love it, some people dislike it, and most people don't care. At least that has been my experience so far. As I approached my delivery date, it seeme...
Sleep? What Is That?
7 months ago
If there is one piece of advice I was given by everyone as I approached my due date it was, "Sleep when the baby sleeps." This seems like a logical suggestion. After all, you need to rest and you need...
7 months ago
So, you've waited the nine to ten months to greet your little one. Your body has changed in ways that you hadn't imagined it would. You've experienced things that you hadn't imagined you would before....