Regina Stone-Grover

Alum of WMU with an MA in Counseling Psychology, Owner of Free Your Phire, LLC. Skilled blogger, ghost writer, mindfulness, research. Contact me: [email protected]

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The Exchange
6 months ago
"They're just underhanded remarks. You don't have to respond to them, or nothing. They don't mean nothin'. You can just ignore them." These are the words that my "feminist" mother in-law spoke at me f...
Adulthood with a Narcissistic Parent Part Two
a year ago
When growing up with a narcissistic parent, adulthood comes with many challenges that other people don't always understand. As a young woman, men may take advantage of who you are, and learn ways to p...
Adulthood with a Narcissistic Parent
a year ago
Many people have relationships with their parents that require "maintenance" and certain amounts of care, but the relationships can grow and even evolve into respectable adult relationships that can b...
8 Things That Are Awesome About Pregnancy
a year ago
Pregnancy is an awesome experience that is short and can go really quick if you just roll with it. There are many things that people tell you about, but there are many things that you will discover as...