Ivette Ruiz

Fallow Me for updates on Mia's Slient fight.

a mother who will do anythign to get her smile back. 


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Living Without Her...
7 months ago
Once upon a time, my life used to be perfect. I used to smile, I used to love, I was fearless, and unstoppable, Life made sense...I believe that life was perfect, I was the richest girl in the world b...
Mia's Story
7 months ago
My name is Ivette Ruiz and I am the mom of a sassy, bubbly girl who is a third grader in Ms. Thomas' class. I'd like to share her story with all if y'all efforts to help her school year not be so toug...
Something's Wrong with Our Mia
a year ago
Mia, my 8-year-old daughter. She is an amazing little girl, loves to play, run around, draw, write, and has a big heart. No matter what’s going on a smile is never missing from her face. She has a sel...