Eve Tawfick

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Shoutout to the Single Dads
17 days ago
Single Mum Survival Special: A Shoutout to the Single Dads Let's face it. Dads have got a bad rep. Let's be honest about it too, some women would have been better off going to Sweden and getting thems...
Make Like Fergie and Get Back Your MILF Money 🍼💸
19 days ago
My current look is something like the "after" picture in a Don't do Meth campaign. I look like I literally reside in a dustbin. It wasn't always this way, in fact I used to have a shelf full of high e...
Single Mum Survival at Christmas
20 days ago
As the Christmas season is upon us we find that it is required to go to the shops and buy other people gifts and suchlike. It is required that we attend social events and smile nicely. It is required ...