denise knight

wife, homeschool mom, author, musician, educator, and counselor

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Cartoons and Young Children
9 months ago
Cartoons and the Child's Psyche: Is There Really an Impact? GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT! This popular idiom refers the concept that input equals output. Whether it be a business venture, a technological p...
My Favorite Men
9 months ago
On January 2, 2018, in the early morning hours, my wonderful father took his last breath. This man was our family patriarch. He took the role of father and husband seriously. He was hard-working, fait...
The Invincible Man
a year ago
"My dad is stronger than your dad." "Well, my dad is smarter than your dad." Many of us have gotten into childhood arguments with friends or adversaries over whose dad was the smartest, toughest, rich...