Dawn West

Hi there! My name is Dawn and I have forged an alliance with writing. I am a mother of two crazy kids. I am also a licensed nurse and practice aromatherapy. You can view my blog Oilwitch here: oilwitch.wordpress.com 

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6 months ago
I was sitting in my car waiting on my youngest to get out of school when that new song came on. You know, the one about the singer wanting some nebulous person to be "happier". Well I hate to say that...
How Boys Turn You Into a More Lenient Parent
7 months ago
Let me say this first and foremost: I love both my kids so much! This ia NOT a "boy vs. girl" story. This is a "change in parenting behaviour" story. We had Emmy four years before we had Ian, so we li...
a year ago
We knew something was not quite right with Ian as soon as I started getting induced for delivery. Ian was running late, which would be the story for his life thus far. The first in a series of decisio...
Mom Worry!
a year ago
Ugh. I fell into the trap again tonight. I haven't done the mom worry since the last hospital visit Ian had to make. (That is one heck of a story I will tell sometime, but not today. P. S.: He is fine...
The Inevitability of Heartache
a year ago
When you are handed that perfect bundle of babyness right after long hours of labour, there is nothing better to inspire and terrify your maternal instinct. On one hand, this is what you have been wai...