Carol Townend

I am passionate about mental health, reading, writing, and music.  I hold the Basic Certificate in the Humanities, of which I gained by studying the Humanities with the Open University.   I am also a champion for Time to change.

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What Christmas Really Means to Me
3 months ago
When people around me think of Christmas, they often think of Christmas parties, presents and decorations and a Christmas tree. However in my house we put up a tree and just minimal decorations. We do...
The Story of My Miscarriage
6 months ago
I was looking forward to going out. I remember getting stomach cramps which I put down to period pain, because I always got them really painful and I usually bleed heavy. I stopped to go to the toilet...
Childhood Bullying
6 months ago
I remember those lonely, hard school days. Nobody would have believed how sad I really was because I always tried to fake a smile and pretend that everything was alright. I would dedicate myself to my...
When Teens Reach 18
2 years ago
So your little one has grown up. Gone are the days of changing nappies and making so much mess you can't see the floor, sulks and tantrums... so we think! Your little one may be grown up, but still, s...
Who Wears the Boots?
2 years ago
So this is a story about the war on housework. Housework is known to be a "swear word" in my house. No one likes doing it! But hey, I live in a big house so I can understand that... I think? I wake up...
Losing My Stepdad at Christmas
2 years ago
Losing someone you are close to is never easy. Boxing Day will always be a sad memory for me, as that was the day my Stepdad sadly past away. My Mother told me on the phone she was heartbroken and I c...