Brittany Bates

Stay at home mama, to a Cystic Fibrosis warrior. He is 21 months old, full of life, love & salt. Married to my best friend of 12 years, with one fur baby. Our story is just begining. Stay tuned!

Today Is Tomorrow’s Yesterday
a year ago
Today was one of those days. You know the ones you wish you could just redo? Today wasn't completely horrible, so to speak, but it was a pretty bad day. Between issues with my son's CF and his toddler...
Toddler Tantrum Central
a year ago
I was one of those women who thought: My child will be so well-behaved at home and in public. I also thought I could handle anything with my childcare background. Let me just say, that's a huge lie. B...
Curing the Chaos
a year ago
Considering sickness when you have children, can often create chaos. Especially when their system is already compromised. In our case, it's due to CF. In other cases, it could be anything. As everyone...
Trials and Tribulations
a year ago
As I reflect on the topic of cystic fibrosis, I think about all the people who know nothing about it. People who have never even heard those words. Families that weren't effected by the monster that n...
The Salty Mama
a year ago
When you're going into labor, the last thing you think about is: what could possibly go wrong? You don't think about the "what ifs," you think about the pain. You think, can I really do this? My labor...