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The Ups and Downs of Being a Twin

People everywhere are always interested in subjects that are not, what they call, "normal" or the majority. In this case, I am going to write about something most people find an interest in. I'm talking about twins. Yup, that's right, twins. The reason to create this article is because I am a twin.  Though most of what I say may not go for all twins, but I know for a fact that the other sets of twins that I personally know as well as myself and my sister, it's all true.

Twins are not an extreme rarity that happen once in a blue moon. But something that happens one in every 67 pregnancies alongside triplets and quads. Though I am not going to talk about triplets or quads, just twins. To give you an idea of how often twins are born into the world, women who are twins don't usually give birth twins. The gene for twins skips generations. It is more likely that their grandchildren or great grandchildren will be twins than their children. When talking about genetics for twins, it also depends on the type of twin.  As most of you know there are two major types of twins: fraternal and identical. Identical twins are not genetic, just fraternal twins. Now that we got some cool facts about twins, I am going to move to my personal experience as a twin.

When a people first find out that the person they're talking to is in fact a twin, the excitement explodes and basically is radiating off of them.  Once that happens comes the sequence of obvious questions that have been heard many, many times before. My sister and I have grown up with basically hearing the same sentences from people as well as hearing the abundance of questions. What most people don't realize is that hearing these same questions over and over again on a daily basis is annoying.  One of the infamous things that we hear while talking to new people happens right after you tell them your a twin. We will hear "Oh, my god! You're a twin?" or something along those lines. When I hear that I want to insert a serious of sarcastic remarks, especially when it was just said.  Although we know that most people don't mean any harm by it, they're just simply interested in the conversation and excited. So we just answer the question with a smile and move on with the conversation. Which then leads to more questions like "what's it like being a twin?" and "If one of you gets hurt, does the other one feel it as well?" I also hear all the time "I wish I was a twin, it must be so cool." Though in cases it really is cool having a twin. You get to play tricks on people, and my sister and I are like best friends. We may argue a lot, but we know we can always count on each other and will always be there when the other needs something.

Something that we experience happens closer to home.  This particular thing happens with family, mostly parents.  PARENTS CAN NEVER GET OUR NAMES RIGHT!! They created us, named us, raised us so you would expect for parents to know which child is who. You would think that they got it down better than anyone else, but no, parents actually do it more than anyone else. Parents will also do that thing where they will look at you in the face say both names and then follow it by "whoever you are" and continue about what the want to say. I do got to say that it is funny sometimes, it makes you laugh. When parents also introduce you to knew people and the conversation will go along through, parents will start explaining how you can tell which is which, like they don't get it mix it up themselves. Usually when that happens, I'll look up at my mom and say "if it that easy to tell us apart, why can't you do it at home?" which usually follows by shut up or something like that. It always makes people laugh cause they know we always joke around with each other.

There are ups and downs for being a twin.  To me being a a twin is great.  I love being able to mess with my parents now that I am older.  Also my sister always being there for me is a major plus because you're never alone. You may argue and fight, but there is no one I can count on more than my sister. She can't even pretend she doesn't know me if she's mad at me. All you gotta do is look at us and how we look, and you'll automatically know that we are related.  She is forever stuck with me. It's great and I love it. Plus, watching me and her argue is always a comedy show because it's like watching someone argue with their reflection.  Anyways, I love being a twin and I wouldn't change anything. 

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-Stanford at the tech, understanding genetics