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To the Parent with the Sick Child

Please keep your child at home.

Everybody knows cold and flu season is no fun, and parents know it can be hazardous to the whole family.  We all know cold germs spread like wildfire, and the flu? Once it hits a household you'll be lucky if someone doesn't get sick. 

Parents! PLEASE!!! I'm begging you to keep you sick children (ESPECIALLY daycare age children!)  home until they are absolutely 100% over their colds or flu! I know being stuck inside or at home can get boring for your kids, or overwhelming for you because they have extra energy to burn. But that runny nose or cough could possibly pass germs to my child. I do my best to keep the things my child plays with clean and sanitized, because my baby was born premature. Her small body can't fight off those big germs as easily as others can. She is getting her vaccines but because of her small size has to get it in 2 separate doses. She wants to play and explore just like your child.

Children don't know how not to spread germs so you need to be the one to stop it! Wash their hands and any toys they may have out in their mouth. Sanitize surfaces commonly touched or items commonly used. Keep your child home if they have a runny nose and or cough. Do not bring them to daycare where they will be putting every other child there at risk. Don't take them to the birthday party, or the park, or the children's museum. Allow my healthy child to enjoy these things without risking her life.  I know you child might be driving you up a wall being stuck at home all day but those few extra days in quarantine could prevent many more children from getting sick, especially mine. 

A cold may not seem like such a big deal, but to her it is. She already has trouble gaining weight and growing. Getting sick could very well put her in the hospital. I don't wish that on any child. I just want my child to get to be a normal as possible and socialize with children her age, but if you keep bringing your sick child around I have to quarantine mine. She is to young to understand why she can't go play with other kids. It's cruel to keep her at home because you had to bring your sick child around. You can't stand another minute at home with those crazy kids so mine will be stuck at home so she doesn't get sick. Does that seem fair to you? I think all children should end able to experience a normal life and if we all work together to fight the spread of germs and disease we can make that happen. 

I work in a hospital and see little babies coming in fighting for lives because they have the flu. Someone was careless and didn't keep the germs away and now that innocent child is fighting for their life. Now some of them may have already have weakened immune systems and that's who I'm pleasing my case for. The babies and littles that haven't had a chance to grow and play and learn.  PLEASE! Wash your hands regularly, if you have any signs of being sick or your kids do, keep your interaction with the public to the absolute minimum, and stay home if their or your nose is runny or you have a cough. let's keep germs to a minimum so everybody can enjoy the simple things.  Let the children grow, play, and learn, but keep the sick ones home. 

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To the Parent with the Sick Child
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