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The Slow Removal of the Family System in America

And Why You Should Act Now!

Why is a traditional family so wrong in 2019?

Many of the topics in this article are very controversial, so read with an open mind, please.  

Why have seemingly come to live in a world where being a family is less than a positive thing. It is sad, but true. All over the place, we see images and videos of how a traditional family is now considered taboo or even a bad thing! Now before we go any further here, let me be clear of one thing. I am not talking to anyone in particular and I am not talking about your family. I am talking about long accepted family and societal norms of the last 2000 years or so. I am also talking about the politicization of family and family rights. We have seen adds and even legislation that is harmful to the family, but we have also seen some that are celebratory of a traditional family as well.  

We will start with the obvious, the legislation passed in New York the other week. On January 22, 2019, Andrew Cuomo passed a new bill into legislation legalizing late-term abortions in the state of New York. And by late-term, they mean up to birth!  Think about this. A child could be aborted while being born.  Now, the traditional excuse for having an abortion has always been, they are not people yet. However, not even an abortion proponent can say they are not people, as they are being born.  This is full-blown murder! New York state just did this folk, and you can bet your butts, others will follow suit.  I am not going to sit here and debate the abortion issue, that's not what this is about. I'm simply saying it is an attack on the family and family values to allow this type of thing to happen.  If there is a danger to the mother's health, or it is the result of some sort of abuse, that is one thing, but waiting until the child is being born, is outright murder!  

Regardless of your views, I think one thing that all people can agree on is this, we are people once we are born. Regardless of your religious views, or feelings of politics and social pandering, once a human being is brought into this world, they are certainly considered alive. Unless you live in New York!  In New York, your parent(s) can change their mind the second you are born, and boom, you're dead. I guess this is really not hard to understand, however, because you can not be charged with two murders in New York if you kill a pregnant woman.  

Then there is the obvious attack on "traditional" marriage and family. Every time you see a new show on T.V., or a family in a commercial, it is the new version of a family. It's almost as if, straight, traditional couples that have families are no longer allowed to be viewed as acceptable. The issue here is this, I don't care if you love a tree, love that tree with all your heart, it really is none of mine or anyone else's business. But the minute you make it my business by talking about it obsessively or marketing it as the new norm, you have opened yourself up to the emotion and feelings that go with that very action. In other words, it's none of my business, until you make it my business by parading it around. I don't mean just walking around in public. I mean wanting a parade, or programming, or music, etc., just so you can feel the same as everybody else. Then because you can't make your mind up about what exactly you are, now I have to explain to my child why a man is in the women's bathroom or a woman is in the men's bathroom. Now you've crossed a line that shouldn't be crossed. Let's put things in perspective. If nontraditional couples and families were the norms, and then a radically new idea of traditional families was to come to the forefront, everyone would be where we are now, having to explain why a man is confined to one bathroom while a woman is confined to another.  

You see it would not be acceptable to them in the least little bit. Do you know how I know this? Because they refuse to let you hold onto your values now, they really wouldn't want you holding onto them if it were not in the mainstream, would they? How come there are no commercials standing up for men's right to be men? Why aren't there any commercials and groups standing up for same-sex marriages?  The answer may scare you. It is because the family unit as it once existed, is a threat to the new way of thinking. If the children are brainwashed into thinking their parents of traditional values are wrong, then the change will start early and be more concrete, thereby eliminating the chances of the traditional, bigoted, immoral way of thinking that got this country through 243 years of progression and made us the superpower we are today.  What better way to change the country than to change it within the family unit, and the education system?  When you pull all the attacks on family together with the new abortion laws in New York, you start to see exactly what is going on here.  

There is a clear war on religion, and family in this country and it is being waged in the hearts and minds of those that are the most vulnerable, the new generations of people out there.  Schools and T.V. are out there promoting the very thing that most parents are teaching their children are wrong. Love whoever or whatever you love, but leave it in your house, just as I do.  Hold hands with your partner, show them affection.  But don't demand that I accept it and don't demand that I teach my child that it is normal when I don't agree with it.  If you are in the LGBTQ community, my straight lifestyle is not normal to you, and you make sure your children know that. Why can't I have the same right to teach my children my values.  Feelings shouldn't come into play when you are teaching your children what you feel is right or wrong, as long as you are not breaking any laws.  

I am a Christian, I don't teach my children any other religions are wrong, just as I teach them that hating someone for who they love or what they believe in IS wrong. Now accept that I will teach my children and you will teach yours, and then they can go into the world and decide for themselves, without propaganda being thrown at them.  It is not the school system, or T.V.'s job to teach my children moral values.  It is mine, and I will do as I see fit, just as everyone else should be free to do.  

Bradley Perry
Bradley Perry

A former police officer from N.C. and also a medical professional.  I write and have my own preparedness, security, and safety contracting and consulting firm.  We also use drones.  I also do blogs and have a podcast called The Blue View.   

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The Slow Removal of the Family System in America
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