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First ever Sandy Boys video!

Hi! I am The Sandy Boys' mummy! It all started a few months ago whilst The Sandy Boys, Leighton Sandy, five years old, Louis Sandy, three years old, and Chad Sandy, eighteen months old, were watching YouTube. The Sandy Boys love watching YouTube so much! But my eldest asked me if we could make a video of our own. I told him we could but didn't really have any idea of what they could do. Our first video was in the back garden of my husband's (Daddy Sandy) nan and granddad. They have a big garden and this is just a small section of it. It is where they grow all of their fruits and vegetables. In this video The Sandy Boys climb up and across a ladder, which their great grandad built, it's for their runner beans to grow up, but as their runner beans hadn't started growing yet, there was no risk of The Sandy Boys ruining the plants. You can see the panic on Daddy Sandy's face when the boys climb so high! Chad Sandy doesn't appear in this video as he was fast asleep! He does love his sleep, which he shows in some more of the Sandy Boys YouTube channel! The Sandy Boys great grandad encourage them all the time, just like he did to Daddy Sandy when he was a boy!

Since making the first ever Sandy Boys video a few months ago, we've made a channel and had over three thousand views, and twenty three subscribers, we also have a Facebook page called The Sandy Boys YouTube Channel, that we share videos and we currently have a competition running too! The Sandy Boys love watching their videos back and love sharing them with people. They have done lots of toy reviews and been on lots of adventures. The sandy boys often stay close to home and show their videos to lots of friends and family, and show people the places to visit around our area, which is Sleaford in Lincolnshire! Lots of our family live quite far away and so they watch the videos that The Sandy Boys make to see them more often, which is lovely! Places we have visited so far are... The Sleaford Rec, The rivers Slea (to feed the ducks), Sundown Adventureland, (who saw our videos and sent us free tickets for next time we visit) Tattershall farm park, Crazee Bongos, Woodland Waters and more! Tesco saw our toy reviews and sent The Sandy Boys some vouchers for toys and the video The Sandy Boys made shows them going to buy their toys are then reviewing them! They absolutely love it! So far since making The Sandy Boys videos we've only had Louis's birthday and we of course made a video, but in November this year we have Leighton Sandy's, who will be turning six years old and Chad Sandy's who will be turning two years old! So they are certainly looking forward to doing those videos!

Once you've watched this video please check out the other videos we have and if you like them please like and subscribe to our channel! There will be lots more in the future of exciting new videos for you all to watch and see them grow! If you do like the videos that The Sandy Boys have made please be sure to show other people that you know and let them watch the fun too! Children love to watch videos and we have some really exciting ones coming up that we cannot wait to share with everyone!

Thank you very much for reading and we hope you love The Sandy Boys YouTube channel as much as we have loved making it!