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The Questionable Generation

This is my opinion and is not affiliated with anyone else's.

Sitting in a restaurant watching other people not parent their children. Sitting there watching them run around screaming, being loud and obnoxious. One little boy wouldn't stop bothering my child no matter how many times my kid told him to leave her alone. Even I told him to stop. All the while his grandmother sat there and did nothing to reprimand him. Then he tried to make up a lie saying my kid hit him with her boot. The restaurant staff tried to come to me with it. I shut that BS down real fast.

My kid knows better than to be doing something like that.

I flat out told the staff that he had been harassing my child for ten minutes and if he was hurt that he would have been crying and would be able to show me where she had hurt him. He could do none of this.

I see kids like this all the time everywhere we go. This kind of behavior is so regular that it is just so sad.

Makes me worried for our future generations.

I know that being a parent can be hard but if you know your child is being disorderly it should not be the responsibility of someone else to parent the child. Especially if you are sitting right there watching them misbehave.

I see it all the time on a daily basis of people who don't watch, look after, or discipline their kids. Either that or they require their older kids to take on that responsibility. This is not ok. Your children should not be parenting your youngsters. Why are babies taking care of babies?

So many people out there just don't want to take the time to actually be responsible for someone they produce.

It makes me so sad to watch on a regular basis.

What is going to happen in 10 to 30 years when these kids are going to be the ones taking care of us and becoming parents to their own children?

It puts fear in my heart every day, wondering about our futures because so many are incompetent parents.

Should we worry about what is going to happen in the next 20 years or so?

Do we need to prepare for a world of insensitive people because their parents couldn't take the time to prepare these kids to be decent people?

Are our jails and streets going to be overrun with people more so than now because they don't know how to take care of themselves or others?

I sure hope not! It keeps me awake at night. But I know the only thing I can do is prepare my child for the inevitable future and hope she does alright regardless of everything else around her.

I just pray I will not be one of those people that have to be on social security by then because I honestly do not believe it will be around by the time I am old and ready to retire. So many of our younger people are already on it because they are incapable of working for whatever reason.

That is why I believe the generations to come are going to be questionable in their entirety.

I know there is nothing we can do about other people's parenting skills. I take care of my own. But it concerns me watching so many children out there that aren't going to get the necessary skills to teach their own children when the time comes.

It is going to cause a ripple effect for later generations.

Our society wonders why our schools are being dumbed down and everything else.

It starts at home.

Take a look around sometime and observe the people around out.

Do you allow your child to run around and do as they please or is your child well structured and mannered so that they know what to do and what not to do?

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The Questionable Generation
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