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The Perfect Parent

There's NO such thing!!!

What is THE PERFECT parent? I am here to tell you that I have asked myself this question more than once, in fact, I am almost positive that I ask this exact question on a DAILY basis! I honestly believe that every good, no, scratch that, every GREAT mom or dad ask themselves this everyday. The comments I get from others on a daily basis usually sound something like this, "They're too young to understand!" or "You're doing the best you can." I know that both of those phrases are so cliche but if you take a minute to think about it, you will realize just how true these comments are and I am going to focus on BOTH of these statements during this blog!

First of all, let me say, there is NO such thing as the perfect parent, there's honestly no wrong or right way to do this thing we call parenting! With that being said, the first cliche quote I will focus on is, "You're doing the best you can." The truth is, that's what it all comes down to, you just have to do the best you can and try harder the next day than the day before! I think the biggest mistake we make as parents is that we are ALWAYS trying to compare ourselves to others and that's honestly probably the WORST decision we could ever make! The parenting styles that work for those other families MAY NOT work for you, just like the way you parent may not be what's best for them, I am not saying that you can't ask for advice about parenting from other parents, trust me when I say, we ALL NEED advice from time to time, all I am saying is when you get their advice, you have determine the best route to go as far as parenting YOUR OWN child! As long as you are making the best decision you know how, you will ALWAYS be the best parent that child will ever have!

The next overly used quote I am going to focus on is, "They're too young to understand!" Yes, this might be true but if you're ANYTHING like me, you either get one of two thoughts that come to mind, either you think, "One day they will understand," or you think, "As long as I know what I am doing wrong, it's always going to make feel like a failure!" Let's focus on that first thought, yes, this might be true that one day they will understand but right now, in the moments that count, they don't really grasp what's going on, so when you do "FAIL" so to speak, you will know how to correct the issue in the future and when you get to the point where they're questioning your every move, by then, you will have MASTERED parenting! The second thought, I'm pretty sure if you paid me every time this particular phrase to myself, I'd probably be a millionaire by now, LOL! It's kind of like having a stain on your shirt that no-one else can see but since you know it exists, it's going to drive you crazy until it's removed. To me, this is the same situation, as long as I KNOW or I THINK I am doing something wrong as a parent, in my mind, I am automatically a failure but I then have to remind myself that I am only human and like it or not, humans DO make mistakes!

I want to end this blog by saying, as long as at the end of the day, you're making the best decision for your child, your family, & even yourself, then you're doing it right! Good Job!!! Don't focus on, "Am I doing this right?" Focus more on, "What can I do better?"