Maddison Whitman
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The Life of a Mom

If anyone deserves recognition, it is us as mothers.

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Well, one thing I know for sure... It's not easy being a Mom of two young babies who are only 10 months apart. We have a routine. We definitely need a routine. First, We wake up in the morning, change diapers, get breakfast, then it's play time. My youngest normally naps around 10:30, while my oldest destroys the house I had just cleaned while they ate breakfast. I don't understand how she contains so much energy in such a tiny little body. Although I probably never will. 

Around 1:30 it's lunch time. I have one screaming because she's hungry and the other just running laps around my living room, again.. I still have no idea how she has so much bottled up energy. Lunch is served, and I can sit and relax while they eat... right, wouldn't that be nice. So I serve lunch and continue to clean the house for the second time. By the time that's done, they are magically done eating lunch. 

Sometimes I can get my oldest to lay down and take a nap, but only if Moana or Coco is on the television. I hear my youngest screaming upstairs because she doesn't want to nap. (Sorry baby, It's just that time.) My oldest is constantly up and down, she goes from exhausted to loads of energy in about 2.2 seconds. I still have no idea how she does it. 

Finally they both fall asleep, this is a good time for Mommy to sit down and relax. NOT. I get downstairs and look around, and there is toys all over the place, mismatched socks, and spilled juice. Time to clean AGAIN. I continue to clean my house for the 3rd time. Yet again, by the time I am done cleaning, they are awake and ready to play. 

Playtime comes and goes, and then it's time for dinner. I cook dinner and get it served. A quarter of the food is being worn by my children, another quarter of it is on the floor, and the other half of it is hopefully in their bellies, keeping them nice and full through tubby time and then bedtime.

Oh sweet precious bedtime, how I've longed to hear that beautiful word once again. I love spending the day with my children, but being a Mom to two beautiful children is hard work. Their father is in the picture as well, he lives with us. He works a full time job Monday through Friday. I work as well, but it's me home with them all day. 

If anyone deserves recognition it is us as mothers. We deal with the screaming, crying, temper tantrum throwing, pooping, drooling little monsters, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. I am lucky to have my husband be there to help me and support us in every way possible, not just financially. But to all of the mothers who are doing it on their own, with no one to help or lend a hand, or even to lend a shoulder to cry on. I salute you. I know deep down inside I couldn't do it myself. I would go stir-crazy. To all of the mothers out there in general. Keep on keepin' on. One day, when your babies are no longer babies, and they don't need you to kiss their boo-boos, or hold their hand while crossing the street. You will look back on this routine you once had, and all of the temper tantrums you've calmed down, and to think, You did that. You made it possible for them to grow up and be happy. So seriously, You got this, You can do it. Don't give up or feel like a failure. You're not, and in the eyes of your child, you are a superhero. 

That's all for now. Thank you for taking the time to read my little story. 

'Till next time

- Maddison W.

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The Life of a Mom
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