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The Eclipse


Who would’ve known. 

August 21 was the first night of the solar eclipse in a long time. Well that’s not the only thing that happened August 21st, 2017.

I would always see videos and pictures all over social media about miscarriages, I never really looked because deep inside I was too afraid to.

Scrolling on the internet and I came across a post that says pregnant women shouldn’t watch the eclipse! Of course I had to research actual facts! After a while of searching I came across that it was just a myth. 

My boyfriend planned a trip with his friend to watch the eclipse in Missouri and didn’t have any service. The day of the solar eclipse, I remember being so happy to watch it! I called my little sisters to see how their view was. I didn’t look up because I didn’t have any glasses. Me personally, I just loved listening to the sound of nature. My upstairs neighbor came up to me and asked if I would like some glasses to watch the eclipse. It was so beautiful of course I said yes. I watched the eclipse, after watching I went back inside and do what pregnant women do, which is eat and sleep of course. lol 

That night I decided I wanted to try sketching again. I ended up falling asleep.

I woke back up to a message from my sis saying to stay off my phone after a while after the solar eclipse, but I mean you can’t always trust what you see on the web.

I remember puking that night..

I remember waking up feeling so fatigued and dizzy my brain was clouded.

I ran to the toilet puking. I just kept on puking. After puking so long I heard and felt a big eruption, not knowing what it was and just thinking it as pee until I looked down and saw blood on my white bathroom rug. 

Keep in mind my boyfriend is nine hours away! I called the EMS and then my sister. She arrives the same time as the ambulance. 

Times goes by, I’m being rushed to the emergency room.. something is not right! Praying my baby boy would be alright. Oh did I forget to mention I was five and half months pregnant? My sister stayed there with me the whole time. 

Time goes by and my boyfriend's mother calls me. I tell her what’s going on and she flew out from New York to Ohio. 

I was so shocked to see how many people support and actually love me. 


After a day or so I finally spoke with my boyfriend. He was still eight hours away!

My heart had never been so broken. 

He finally shows.

After hours of waiting I could feel my little guy kicking around. 

The doctor came in and told me I have two choices. First choice is to push the baby out or go on bed rest for a week.

I picked bed rest. 

After of hours again passing by and three doctors telling me my son has only three percent to live... I had to do what was best for him. 

I pushed him out. I remember feeling my soul leave my body for the first time. “All I could hear is he’s still breathing.”

After all the tears and getting cleaned up I had to give him a name. 

I chose Noah Timothy Spence. 

Seconds later, a doctor walks in with a pin with Noah’s Ark on it.

I turned in to see a baby! My eyes filled with tears and my body just started shaking. 

Driving home, my uncle told me that I picked a good name and there’s A meaning behind Noah. Rest in comfort. I never knew. It gave me a good feeling of hope and I know I have a angel watching over me—My angel.


My little angel, I love you forever and always 

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