Katherine Caruso
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The "Candy" Talk

A message for my kids

Mark 18 months and Alyson, 5 months

As a Mom—my love is unlimited. It doesn't matter if your happy or sad, angry or glad—I love you. This is my story to you, my children. 

Although you are young know, you will soon be older—soon as old as me. Life goes by too fast—so enjoy every moment of it. The two of you make me so happy—I don't want to remember my life without you. Yes—I miss sleeping in, doing what I want when I want, and the countless shopping sprees—but the two of you are worth it. 
Son, you are my first born. It is your duty to always take care of your sister—to watch her and guide her. Be her role model, be her hero. Treat her like you would treat me. In fact treat every girl like you treat me, your mother. Us girls, we don't have it easy—from period cramps and crushing on boys that will never see more than our face, life's not easy for us. Just remember that when your sister starts liking boys. 

Daughter, you are my second born. It is your brothers duty to keep an eye on you—don't get mad, I told him so. Your job as his sister to keep an eye on him too. Boys don't have it easy—once puberty hits almost everything looks like candy and its hard for them to keep their "candy" in it's "wrapper"—so when your brother starts liking girls—remind him to treat them as he treats you and how he treats me, your mother. 

Now, that being said both of you will embarrass each other—and you may get upset from time to time. That's okay. Just remember to have each others backs—because one day, many years from know—mom and dad will leave, and you will only have each other.  

Now son, once you hit puberty—take it easy. Us girls, we fall for anything. Sweet gestures, good looks, etc.... but just because we give you goo goo eyes doesn't mean they are in love with you. So I don't want to hear that you got some girl pregnant, unless you intend to marry this girl so until then keep your candy in its wrapper. 

And daughter, I don't want you to come home from school one day telling me that you and mystery man love each other, because you don't. As girls we fall for anything and those boys know it—or at least they think they do. So keep your package in its shipping crate until this mystery man and you tie the not, and only then is he allowed to unwrap his candy. 
I'm telling you this because being a mom is hard. You work, you clean, you change diapers. You can only sleep when the kids sleep. You will never be able to have a second of privacy once you have kids—unless they are asleep. Being a dad isn't easy either. 
Your dad stays home and watches you guys while I work my part time job. He watches you when I get home too—since theirs always a house to clean. In some families, both parents work. So, imagine this—always work, always clean, always changing diapers and listening to the sounds of the newborn people—just really think about intimate relationships later in life, kids. Accidents happen—and they are expensive to maintain.