Siblings are the only enemy you can't live without.

Linnea Ruzzo2 years ago
Starting Over
"Wow! You started all over, didn't you?!" That's something I hear often when people ask me how old my kids are. My daughters are 15, 13, two-and-a-half, and one. I really did space them out, didn't I?...
Imani Patterson2 years ago
A Caged Dove's Song
Everyone has dreams, no matter how big and outrageous they may be. Yet some people have dreams that are simple and not as far fetched as some. That’s me and my sister Faith. I want to be the greatest ...
J M2 years ago
My Life As An Identical Twin
So, let me start out by telling you that I am an identical twin. This means my sister and I were born on the same day and are the same age, with approx. 5 minutes in the difference. We may look alike,...
Favorite Memory
When I was four years old, about the time any other kid would be bragging about being four and a half, I was told by my parents that my mother was pregnant, I knew what this was because my cat had alr...
Krow Fischer2 years ago
On Being an Elder
I had a moment with my almost three year old grandson yesterday. I was taking him to the car for our ‘Granny day out’ and he hauled off and hit me across the face, hard. I was shocked and surprised as...
Rachel A. David2 years ago
What It's Like to Be A Twin
I am not an individual. True, I think in singular, learn in singular, speak in singular and do in singular. But I am not an individual. No, to the outside world I am a part of a whole. For the first e...
Chelsea Pullano2 years ago
What It's Like to Be the Oldest Child, According to Science
The oldest children in families often have shared experiences about what it's like being the oldest child. Very often, they may say things like "Well, our kid brother/sister got away with stuff mom/da...
Emily McCay2 years ago
How Does Birth Order Shape Your Personality?
For many, the argument of nature vs nurture comes up a lot, in that people question whether or not the nature of your birth or what follows really will shape your personality and life. However, many m...
Zachery Lee2 years ago
On My Way
So I guess we'll start from the beginning, where things really started going downhill. My parents separated when I was 13; now I have plenty of good stories to tell from even before this time, but I w...
Zachery Lee2 years ago
On My Way
So, a big part of growing up where and how I did was realizing that my brothers, well they loved to see me suffer for sorts. Later in life they would call it brotherly love, but some things just don't...