Siblings are the only enemy you can't live without.

Xandra XCM6 months ago
The Life of a Twin
Twins. You see them a lot, believe it or not. Fraternal twins are genetic and run in families. In fact, fraternal twins run in my own family. Identical twins, however, are a little bit more rare. I am...
Adrianna E.6 months ago
Sibling Abuse (Potential Triggers)
About 2.5 weeks ago this turned my life upside down. First off, we need to understand what sibling abuse is. Just like other types of big name abuses, sibling abuse can include physical, emotional, or...
Andrea Rodriguez6 months ago
A Letter to My Sister
Sister of mine, Growing up as the older sibling, I was always there when mom had to go to work, run an errand, or was still sleeping because she was so tired from the day before. I grew up real quick....
hailey clark6 months ago
Sister's Shadow
Being the younger sister might be a good reason. She always got to do important stuff before me and got to go to bed later than me. Things either went one of two ways; she would do things before me or...
Emily Frank6 months ago
The Sister of an Anorexic
It's common to see an anorexic's story on the web, internet, or YouTube. My sister has her own YouTube channel where she is able to document her recovery and help others along the way. I'm proud of he...
Somebody I Used to Know
We came together in an unusual way. In fact, when I first met you, we were not pals. You were nothing to me but some girl who had broken my brother's heart. Then you reappeared for a second shot.
Stephanie Pickard7 months ago
The Separation of Sisters
Having just found out I’m due to have another girl this December, I’ve been thinking a lot about sisters. Elated to have two daughters, my husband and I are already imagining the sweet sisterly giggle...
Piper Stevens7 months ago
Not Sisters, but Friends
Disclaimer: I wrote this for my Honors Sophomore English class so about three years ago. I feel that a lot of my feelings about it have changed for the better. Nonetheless, I chose to share it because...
Taylor Grace7 months ago
The Story of the Sunflower Girl
She came into the world on September 1, 2000. My brand new baby sister. I was 3 so I don't remember but from what I was told, I loved her. I even tried to name her Cinderella Annie-Pooh Enderlein. My ...
Eleventh Grade
I live in what is quite possibly the whitest neighborhood ever. I'm not kidding. A local publication did this analysis of every neighborhood in my city, ranking them on affordability, diversity, those...
IRINI DOLITSA7 months ago
Some Relief for Anne
I have been constantly asking myself how normal children experience coexistence with a mentally retarded sibling (e.g. Down syndrome), so I would like to share this article with you. Bigger children a...
Heather Wilkins8 months ago
A Letter to My Sister
My sister and I may not have been the best of friends growing up, but after being in college for a while, we may have made some progress over the years to be better friends than enemies. I know it is ...
Mr EE8 months ago
The Longest Game
“Have you seen this man? He looks exactly like me!” An elderly gentleman and a young boy, in his late teens, were stood conversing. The young boy was holding a picture—it looked to be a picture of him...
Colie Farmer8 months ago
It was spring break and we were camping. The weather was very warm and when the sun hit your skin, it felt so refreshed and new. My family and I only camped for one night.
Ashton McHatton8 months ago
Everything changed when Evan was born. Things changed for me more so than anyone else, including Evan's own parents. She was our mother's fourth child, and she was her father's seventh child… but she ...
Kennedy Kovalick8 months ago
Why I Love Having a Little Sister
Having siblings as a kid is the worst thing to ever happen to you. You have to learn to share your toys, food, and most importantly, your parents. This is a hard lesson for children to learn. It can b...
Megan Adams8 months ago
For the Little Brother Who Changed My Life
As frustrating, obnoxious, and downright irritating my brother can get, I still love him. My little brother has autism and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. My little brother Lucas was born about a ...
Hannah Fricker9 months ago
Rose Robbins
Most people thought her cutthroat attitude and strong independence was due to some sort of trauma. They said it was the only explanation as to why she was so cold and distant. Rose rarely smiled. She ...