Growing your family, one baby bump at a time. All about the ups and downs of nature's 9 month miracle.

Donna Rae9 days ago
Young & Pregnant
Sweet 17, only it’s not so sweet. More bitter than I thought. Getting this kind of news can make your mind wander miles away. What will I do? Everyone will think of me differently. No longer innocent,...
hailey clark10 days ago
Marriage Expectation: Children
Before you start reading, this entry comes from a wife who is not yet a mother or even pregnant. This is coming from a girl who hasn't always wanted to be a mother, but is really thinking about it. Th...
Nicole Cormier13 days ago
Single Parent (Pt. 1)
My own personal story begins when my daughter moved out of our place to start her life. And my story begins when I found out I was pregnant with her 21 years ago. You see, with her starting her own li...
Katie Gaster14 days ago
Pregnant at University
University is a significant experience of every student's life; you’re pushed outside of your comfort zone from the get-go. Whether it’s learning how to live on a budget or how to use a washing machin...
Kayla Triplett15 days ago
What They Don't Tell You About Pregnancy
"A baby fills a special place in your heart that you never knew was empty." —Unknown
Sharlene C16 days ago
Not All Pregnancies End with a Smile...
It started the day I married the man I love... it was my dream come true... I had my dream dress, cake, and most importantly, man! This was supposed to be the beginning of the something exciting. Inst...
Samantha Bentley18 days ago
11 Things About Labour and Birth That No One Talks About
Two weeks ago, I gave birth to my first son Roman. He arrived at 6AM on January 8, four days early, on the date I wanted. I asked my belly and he listened. He shares his birthday with Bowie, Elvis, an...
Ynez Adsuara22 days ago
Life After Maternity Leave: Work Edition
I never knew I could fall in love instantly until the day my son was born. Early May, a day before my own mom's birthday, I gave birth to my son. From getting induced, to finally receiving an epidural...
Lexi Gonzalez25 days ago
Ready or Not, Here He Comes!
I was staring at the ultrasound screen and completely intrigued that I had a little human growing happily inside me. I squeezed Bryan’s hand as he held mine and looked at him with love in my heart, be...
Kaitlin Marceloa month ago
The Shower of All Showers
Being a first-time mom things can get pretty scary. You start worrying about how you're going to take care of a tiny human being, how you're going to protect them from all dangers when they come out of the womb, and most importantly, how you're going to provide for them. Baby furniture, clothes, and all. When I first found out I was pregnant, I immediately freaked out on how I am going to care for this tiny angel when I could barely take care of myself. I paced back and forth in Josh's room thin...
M Ka month ago
After C-Section
Now, everyone's experience with any surgery is different. Some have it easier, and some have it worse. Just sharing my two week post-cesarean experience.
M Ka month ago
My Hospital Bag
YouTube has a few people who make videos about what is in their hospital bags. Here, I’m sharing what I packed and what I won’t next time, because I overpacked. Partially because I didn’t want to be u...
Brittany Da month ago
Some Things to Think On
Abortion. It's a topic that is discussed over numerous platforms, with dozens of opinions and arguments. Abortion in its most basic terms is; the termination of a pregnancy. In the USA, this can mean ...
Kaitlin Marceloa month ago
From being a friend to young parents to being pregnant with my first child now, everyone has always discussed how easy their pregnancies were and how being pregnant made them feel like they were queen...
Kayla Thomasa month ago
Rainbow Baby
Let's start this post off from the beginning of my journey into motherhood. December 1, 2017, my cycle had been five days late, I took a test before going to work and got those two beautiful pink line...
Iggy Paulsen2 months ago
Turn Your iPhone into a Powerful Fertility Tracker with the Proov Pearl Fertility Kit
When people first set out to conceive a child, they soon discover something really shocking. They discover that, contrary to popular belief, having a baby isn't actually very easy to do. Many couples ...
Cato Conroy2 months ago
How the Comper Smart Fertility Tracker Helps You Get Pregnant Faster
Getting pregnant isn't as easy as television shows make it out to be. Most people who try to conceive rarely ever get blessed within the first month that they are trying to have a child. In fact, stud...
Don't Get a C-Section
I am 31 years old and my husband is 36. We are trying to conceive. My cervix is posterior, which means sperm can't reach the opening. I want to have a family, but there is danger in pregnancy and chil...