The boundless love a parent has for their child is matched only by their capacity to embarrass them.

Dear "Dad"
The emotional and physical distruction your existence has possessed on not only my life, but my happiness, has been strung out too long. The sadness I have allowed you to mentally expose to my day to ...
Meagan 2 days ago
Why I Failed Maternity Leave
Maternity leave. A time where – according to anyone who has never been on maternity leave – you have copious amounts of freedom and space to do whatever you please. A time where you, the mother, creat...
Sheri Yarbrough3 days ago
Those Aren't Your Children!
November 18, 1993 I gave birth to twin daughters by C-section.
Kaila Shoales3 days ago
In the United States, three out of about 12 million single parent families in 2014, more than 80%, were headed by single mothers. Today one in four children under the age of 18 — a total of about 17.4...
Jessica Palmer4 days ago
The Reality of Postnatal Depression In Young Mothers
So here I go, another day of hating myself. Another day of wishing that I could do better, but not doing a thing about it. Hiding away, letting myself go, that's the reality of PND. Both of my beautif...
Fearsome Father — A True Story
It's weird how one day your perfect little life seems a distant memory. The days when you'd wave out of the window every morning mouthing "I love you" to a father who loved you back. Each Sunday being...
Scotty French4 days ago
My Parents Weren't Scholars
My parents were not scholars. They were not socialites. They were not bright, optimistic, souls with hope for their futures. They were, in fact, kids who grew up too soon with ugly pasts and sad, sad ...
Courtney Boulay5 days ago
A Letter to a Bad Mother
You were neglectful and abusive from even my most early of memories. You were too young to have children. You had already had one and given her up for adoption. You had an abortion in between that chi...
Kindle Fyre6 days ago
Yes, I Am a Teen Mom
I want you to take a moment to think about the words 'teen mom'. What do you see? Is it Juno, in her skirt-jeans combo? Or Farrah, Maci, and Amber as background noise as you scroll through your phone?...
Alison G6 days ago
Being a Parental Figure 5 Years Late
I never once thought in my life that at the young ripe age of 23 I would be an old lady. I rarely go out to party with people, I'm usually under a strict routine for bed and we only have our daughter ...
Lakeyia L11 days ago
Parenting Made Easy
When it comes to parenting there is no book or magazine that teaches you how to do it. You can actually make parenting fun and easy if you just follow what you know and go from there.
Parenting Without Using Physical Punishment
As promised in my last article, I’d like to share some ways of parenting children without using physical punishment that I learned both as a parent and a grandparent. This article is not designed to c...
Kasey Lomax11 days ago
An Open Letter to Drugs
I remember sitting in a freezing car in the middle of Los Angeles, looking out of the car window at the homeless people that passed. Many of them walked by without a second glance, but a couple of the...
Jemma O'Donovan13 days ago
I Will Raise My Children the Way My Mother Raised Me
I've heard a lot of people say this, but my mum is my favourite person in the world, there's no doubt about it. She is an older (and wiser) version of me, and she's always had my back, no matter what....
Why Smacking Children Can Be Physically and Emotionally Dangerous
Physical punishment damages the bond between parent and child because it’s not natural to feel love toward someone who hurts us. This reasoning should be sufficient to stop any parent hitting a child,...
Deanne Jensen15 days ago
Step Parent Part 1
Parenting is hard under the best of circumstances, but under the worst circumstances, it can be and is a nightmare. It's like a walk on a long dirt road all alone, no one to talk to, no one to share w...
Sandy Pace16 days ago
When Parents Honestly Don't Know Best
In today’s world, one of the most damaging things parents can do is neglecting their child's well-being. Especially when it comes to mental health issues and any other type of medical issue. It's almo...