immediate family

Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family.

Liberal Parenting
Every parent knows that children do not come with instructions and every parent will have different preferred methods of raising their child. There are plenty of arguments for and against every aspect...
Joanna White2 years ago
Little Samurai
LITTLE SAMURAI Script Written by Joanna White EXT. JAPANESE VILLAGE STREET - DAY SOLDIERS, 30s and 40s, march through muddy streets with solemn expressions. One SOLDIER, 36, bulky with samurai armor, ...
Zachery Lee2 years ago
On My Way
So, in the last article we focused on the why and how things got the way they were. In this one I would like to focus on the shenanigans that lead and kept me in difficult situations. Both with family...
Sasha Boileau2 years ago
A Four Letter Word
Reality can change and be twisted or completely turned upside down. This story follows the series of events concerning my mother’s stroke. Every emotion that I never shared. As a young girl, I didn’t act or think like the other kids. I value morals and honesty; I see value in hope and open minds. This, amongst other things, set me apart. The thing that drove a wedge between myself and the other kids was that I had a mental illness that I was diagnosed with a bit later in life. I started the war ...