immediate family

Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family.

Ada Zuba14 days ago
How to Be Polish
Here is a list of to do's to fit into a Polish family:
denise knight17 days ago
My Favorite Men
On January 2, 2018, in the early morning hours, my wonderful father took his last breath. This man was our family patriarch. He took the role of father and husband seriously. He was hard-working, fait...
Rebecca Sharrock25 days ago
Childhood Memories of Easter
Both Christmas and Easter have an equally important story to celebrate. However when we compare the gift and spending aspects of the two festivities, we generally perceive Easter as being the lesser c...
Emma Shelley25 days ago
Childhood's Worst Nightmare
Thinking back to when I was young, my childhood wasn't the greatest. It was more like Hell, but on Earth. I was young and fragile, I wasn't supposed to see the things that I've seen, not at a very you...
Growth: In & Out
Is a four-year difference in age too big of a gap for some? Perhaps. Let's say in a perfect world that this is the absolute ideal age gap for all pairs of people: couples, parents, friends, colleagues...
Lindsey. a month ago
From Having Nothing to Loving Photography
I was born in Newcastle, UK. I never had the best upbringing in life. I know a lot of people who had a worse upbringing than myself but this is my story. I remember being 10-years-old, and my father c...
Nova Ja month ago
The Family That Preys
Not all families pray.
Jade Varleya month ago
Two Sides of the Same Coin
Prologue Any psychologist or sociologist will explain a "normal" family unit as being a mother and father with two children, preferably a boy and a girl, who coexist peacefully together in a house wit...
Aurea Gonzaleza month ago
Broken Promises
The foreign lady grabbed me and my sister and pulled us away from Mommy. I didn’t want to leave. I looked at her sad and confused as she promised, “I’ll get you back.” I am 2. My new foster mommy took...
Helen Browera month ago
Seven for What Used to Be Ten
He stood at the entrance of the massive roll up doors, telling my mother that there were seven items on the list and only seven. We had already flustered his feathers by letting me tag along, then my ...
Nicky .2 months ago
Red Balloon
Life sucks, then you die. It’s a weird motto I live by. Every single day life gives you an obstacle, whether big or small. Maybe your car broke down and now you’re late for work. Or maybe you got to w...
Miranda Floyd2 months ago
Into the Lion's Den
If you forget to water a flower, it'll surely die. If you run over a flower garden, it'll fight to survive. With people it's the same concept. When I was in my mid-twenties I met a boy who was three y...
Esther Renee Large2 months ago
Thoughts on the Death of Billy Graham
So Billy Graham died. What an impact this man has had on my life. But not in the sense most would think. LOVE, is not what came to my mind when I read of Billy Graham's passing. My mind was filled wit...
Paytan Addley2 months ago
My Senior Year from Hell
Senior year, the best year of your life... or so they say. The year started like everyone else's, walking in the doors of my high school for the last time, saying "hi" to my friends that were gone all...
Cassandra Tapia2 months ago
Who to Blame
I grew up with my grandparents as my parents. My mom wanted to only be a part-time parent and my dad got sent to jail when I was four. So rather than force my mother to be a mother, my grandmother jus...
Ricky McQuillan2 months ago
The Crazy Kid
I have read many accounts of family therapy; therapy that is initiated because a member of that family is crazy, and the others are concerned and frustrated. In some accounts, the rest of the family s...
Tina G. R2 months ago
Motherhood, really not what one imagines based on the movies you watch growing up. In reality there is no Maria (Sound of Music) or Nanny McPhee. Raising children isn't easy no matter if your in a rel...
Zoe Kay2 months ago
When 'Home' Isn't Home
They used to be the most important thing in my world. They used to have all the answers. They used to give me everything I needed. Sure, they were scary or mean sometimes, but whenever the real monste...