Humanity begins at home.

Jules Poucher15 days ago
Why Being Childfree Is Better
Recently, I read this book, Selfish, Shallow, and Self Absorbed, on sixteen writers—male and female—on their decision not to have kids. These writers are mainly middle-aged to old, but if anything, th...
Denise M19 days ago
Breastfeeding in Public: So. Taboo.
Is it an issue, or are you the issue?
Kamaria Imani23 days ago
My Sacred Place
Now a barren land, with no life; once was a prospering road filled with the laughter and joy of kids playing all together. It’s now a skeleton road and neighborhood, no young life out and about runnin...
Kayla Martin24 days ago
Not Your Typical Love Story
The year was 2014. I had just started my first job at Wendy’s, you were my manager, always smiling, making me laugh. You were taken at the time, but I’d always wondered what could be. Two years later,...
Halie Steidera month ago
Struggling With Forgiveness
I met him in the seventh grade. He was in the the eighth grade. My soul mate. Now, almost 12 years later, we're still together with a son and we're pregnant. We had our son young. Just like any other ...
Kennedy Kovalicka month ago
Am I A Compulsive Spender?
Today, my boyfriend and I headed to Walmart to find something for lunch, as well as pick up some housekeeping things I needed. After roaming around and being indecisive for a while, he mentioned he re...
Cameron Boster2 months ago
The Truth About Living in a Homeless Shelter
Everyone has this picture in their head of what homelessness looks like. For some, it’s bums in tents, somewhere in the woods or under a highway overpass, drinking and drugging to their heart's conten...
K S2 months ago
Cultural Inheritance vs Assimilation
Language. Food. Religion. Tradition. All these things and more combine to create what we think of as cultural heritage. Both of my parents come from India, but I was born in the US. I lived in Canada ...
Jessica Briggs3 months ago
You know, the one thing that I have struggled with all my life is the feeling of being unloved. Now at the young age of 27 I have gotten over it, but it sucked the life out of me. My ability to trust ...
Sofia M.3 months ago
Chronicles of a Biracial Kid
Growing up, I learned about races, cultures, skin colors and what differences they made socially. But, it has never been a trendy topic in my house. You see, I am biracial. My mom is White, Russian an...
Sharisse Martinez3 months ago
The Start of Something New
The news hit me like a rock, my stomach twisting in an almost uncomfortable knot. “I can’t find a job,” Mom continues. “Your uncle is willing to let us stay with him in Texas and help me find one ther...
Samantha Reid3 months ago
Breastfeeding in Public
Breastfeeding is a controversial topic. Some people love it, some people dislike it, and most people don't care. At least that has been my experience so far. As I approached my delivery date, it seeme...
Azaris Morales3 months ago
Diary of a Working Housewife
Wednesday March 21, 2018 9:30 PM: Do all women wonder how they got here? How society expects us to juggle home, children, love, work, drink eight glasses of water everyday, and squeeze in the exercise...
When I Grow Up
I was at my niece's nursery graduation recently and made some interesting observations. Before this I had thought the idea of children graduating nursery was a little on the silly side but when I got ...
Rocket Man3 months ago
Everybody Lies
Everybody says you have to respect your elders, despite if they respect you or not. They say respect is a thing you earn, unless it’s to your elders, then respect must always be given. I do not believ...
A New Dawn Brenner4 months ago
Intentional Migration
According to Gramling in his article on clouds, he stipulated that we can predict climate change through observing cloud patterns. “They’re crucial to forecasting the future but devilishly hard to mod...
Emma Coonan4 months ago
Words He Cannot Say
I write with no intent for sympathy. I write with no intent of money or to be pennywise. I write because these words may never be spoken otherwise. I write because I love so deeply. And I write becaus...
Carla Ceccarelli4 months ago
Pines in the Caribbean
THE NURSING HOME Part One: First, a thoughtful challenge; I am willing to bet many folks under the age of 45 have never given much thought to the passage of time. Under 45'ers generally don't think ab...