Humanity begins at home.

Bailey Simpson2 days ago
Common Practices We Need to Stop
Nowadays everyone has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media. We're all used to seeing articles of people being offended one way or another. For a long time women have been told what to d...
chloe burke5 days ago
The Story of Me and Mine
Hello. My name is Chloe Burke. I am 19 years old and a mother of two. My name is nothing more then a name to other people. My whole life I grew up with people not exactly knowing who I was or where I ...
Claire Woodham7 days ago
When to Let Go
How do you make a decision that literally affects the life of someone you love? How do you make the decision to allow medical professionals to write just three, small letters in your loved one’s notes...
S. Lily Grayson13 days ago
Shitting on Icebergs
I stood there, crying — no. Sobbing, hysterically into my brother's chest. I'm 23 years old, and I stood barefoot in my front yard hyperventilating, shaking, trying to catch my breath. I could smell h...
Aliza Dube18 days ago
Your baby dies unborn. Unloved. Fatherless. It’s OK because its mother never really wanted it anyways. “We’ll get through this together,” your boyfriend tells you. You’re not even sure if it was his t...
Bri Davis19 days ago
Life After My Hysterectomy
I am grieving. I am mourning the deaths of babies I never had the opportunity to make. I've not lost any children, but I feel like I am in mourning because I've lost my ability to create them. I feel ...
Erin Sommer22 days ago
Stress at a Young Age?
Have you ever seen anyone that was so stressed out that they changed, including yourself? As I remember as being a young girl and helping my mom watch my younger brothers, I have seen it a lot in my f...
Stacey Thomas22 days ago
Changing Pace
I thought I knew exactly who I was. I knew what I wanted. I had everything I had ever asked for out of life, and I still wasn't happy. When you're a little girl, you dream about being a mommy. How you...
Hanah Evansa month ago
Unexpected Miracle
Living your life as a teenager is hard enough... especially when your life gets turned upside down within nine months. As a kid I was the social butterfly, until my brother turned on me. Growing up wi...
Chris Ricksa month ago
Deadbeat Dads
Like a double-edged sword, the parenting standard for men and women, especially in the minority communities, across the country has been proven bias. The concept of a deadbeat dad in our society is on...
Lana Hutchinsona month ago
I Am Just a Worthless Stay at Home Mom
A couple years ago I needed to get a job. After looking through the wanted ads and checking out all the job listings in my area, I realized to my shock that I had no marketable skills whatsoever. I wa...
Billi Keogh2 months ago
Be Thankful for What You've Got
Sometimes, in this crazy, fast-moving world, we can forget to be grateful. Sure, life is stressful, and it can be easy to wish things were different, but we should always try to take the time to be gr...
Eve Amadeus2 months ago
The 5-Day Hurricane
Love comes through the center of the historical Hurricane Harvey.
Vince Bandille3 months ago
The Scary Monster Called "Different From"
Today, my son began talking about his upcoming school year, mentioning things such as who would his homeroom teacher be, what friends would be in his homeroom, and so on. He then said he hated school ...
Jacquelyn Miccolis3 months ago
Growing Up In the 90s
Growing up in the 90s was a fun time! I miss the good old days of playing with the infamous Skip-It toy and eating Sodalicious fruit snacks—boy… those were the days! I grew up in a simpler time, where...
Kim Goodacre3 months ago
When Is the Right Time to Have Children?
As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted children. My family is a big one: I have two older siblings, fourteen cousins, thirty-one second cousins and now one nephew and two nieces. From the moment I was...
Dollface Killah3 months ago
A Love Like No Other: Part One
After days, weeks, or even months of pain and uncertainty, the moment is finally here! You are about to meet your firstborn child for the very first time. So many thoughts and questions cross your min...