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If family is everything, these how-tos will help you through it all, from sibling drama to family vacations to irritating in-laws and beyond.

Andrea Dawsona month ago
How To Document Your Child's Milestones
They say that days move a lot faster when you’re raising a child. So naturally, as a parent, you want to be able to remember all the beautiful moments that you had with your little one while he or she...
Anne Mawathe3 months ago
5 Ways to Protect Your Children Online in the Age of Malware
The theme of this year's Safer Internet Day, which is marked every January 6 is Create, Connect, and Share Respect. There is no better time to focus on the safety of children than now. While it has op...
Hayden Sciera3 months ago
How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Get a Piercing!
My parents have never liked piercings. "If you get a septum ring, you'll look like a bull!" (I now have a septum ring). "If you get piercings, you'll never get a job!" (I now have six piercings, five ...
Andrea Dawson3 months ago
6 Enjoyable Ways to Bring Your Family Closer Together
Some families drift apart once all the kids have grown up. They only speak to each other on special occasions. Nobody even picks up the phone on a Sunday afternoon. Is this what you want to happen to ...
Andrea Dawson4 months ago
How to Create an Emergency Plan for Older Parents
I have recently babysat my friend’s toddlers because she had to tend to her mother who suffered a domestic accident. Unfortunately, she was severely hurt. After dealing with the aftermath of this even...
Elisabeth Basford6 months ago
How Do I Get My Child Into Reading?
How Do I Get My Child Into Reading? The recent changes to GCSE English Language and Literature require a very high level of reading ability. Not only is it important to be able to read very lengthy an...
George Herman6 months ago
The Ultimate Potty Training Guide for Boys
Next to learning how to walk, one of the second most difficult leaps to climb for children is learning how to use the bathroom. This porcelain throne becomes an enemy, like their dreaded shoelaces or ...
Jerrie DeRose6 months ago
Finding a Childcare Center that Provides a Safe and Healthy Environment for Children
Parents can never do too much to make sure that their child, or the child of a friend or relative, will be cared for in a healthy and safe childcare environment. The following guidelines will assist p...
Alicia Springer6 months ago
How to Talk to Your Teen About Drinking
Drinking can be a hard subject to talk to your teen about because they most likely have different views on the subject than you, but it is crucial to know how to talk to your teen about drinking. Base...
Jessica Herring8 months ago
How To Plan a Baby Shower
It can be time-consuming being tasked with planning a baby shower. But with these suggestions on how to plan a baby shower, you will be sure to have more free time on your hands and host a great party...
Lakeyia L8 months ago
Staying In Touch with Family
When it comes to talking to your family, you may live in another area or clear across the sea, so make sure that you know how to keep in touch with your family when needed. Here are a few ways you can...
Katryna Weingart9 months ago
Gender Reveal Party Planning: Everything You Need to Know
So you just received the ultra sound and the gender of your child in an envelope from a doctor about the sex of your baby. The next step on your list: The Party. This may very well be, one of the most...
Rowan Marley9 months ago
How To Survive the Terrible Twos
Ever since you got pregnant, you probably have heard women warn you to brace yourself for certain stages of your child's life. Newborn babies, for example, are known to drain you of sleep and patience...
Rowan Marley9 months ago
Parenting Tips for Toddlers
Toddlers are not easy to handle; that's why people call this age "the terrible two's" or "the terrible three's." This is a time in your parenting career where your sanity will probably be put to the t...
Gail Sarette9 months ago
Life After Suicide
FACT: Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. FACT: Each year 44,193 Americans die by suicide. FACT: For every 25 suicides, 25 attempts are made. FACT: It is the most horrific news you ...
corey turner9 months ago
5 Tips for New Parents
Being a parent for the very first time is a scary, but thrilling challenge. Each day would be filled with something totally new as the baby grows and develop his or her very own personality. Listed he...
Colin R. Browne9 months ago
A Parent’s Guide to Staying Safe Online
Software is not necessarily the answer.
Mike Ferry9 months ago
Worried About Your Teen?
Ah, the joys of parenting. One day your child is a smiling, happy, laughing, well-adjusted youth. Then, seemingly overnight, you have a moody teenager at home. How did that happen? Pimples, emotional ...