Losing a family member is one of the most traumatic life events; Families must support one another to endure the five stages of grief and get through it together.

Kaylee Marisah6 hours ago
My Guardian Angel
The worst thing for many young adults is seeing those close to their heart age. Realizing that they may no longer be in your life as you grow up is something that is unbelievably hard to come to terms...
Kate Adams9 days ago
When a Loved One Passes Away
It is stated in nursing homes that when it rains, the residents pass in three's. I know this all too well as I worked in Nursing Homes as a CNA. My heart always went out the the families of those who ...
Aspen Drake19 days ago
Why I Joined a Grief Counseling Group, and Why You Should Too
About a year after my mother's passing, I started reading a book by Cheryl Strayed, an author whose mother also died when she was younger. Her two-page account of that event made me cry six times that...
Ronny Pascale21 days ago
I Always Wanted to Be Funny
I always wanted to be funny. When I was a small child, I would do my best to entertain my mother. It was more than just a job or a hobby or anything like that. It was who I was meant to be. Since then...
Aspen Drake22 days ago
In Which I Address the Passing of My Mother
When I was little and the world was quiet, I would lie in bed and think about the earth and how big it was. Then my mind would shift to the solar system, and how we are constantly floating around amon...
Katy Preen23 days ago
Matters of Life and Death
There have been a number of high-profile cases involving end-of-life care, and the “right-to-die” (or to live). Medical professionals are bound in their duty by their training and the law, and must do...
Aseetnahc 24 days ago
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
The first person i had ever lost in life was my Great Grandmother. I remember being around 4 years old and asking my Mom what happened when you died. She would always say you float to Heaven and watch...
Susan K24 days ago
Teach Me How
How do you learn to leave someone in the past while keeping them in the future with you when you know they can't be here, no matter how much you wish they could? What happens when you lose someone? Th...
Chloe McClements24 days ago
The 96 Hours that Changed My Life
The Day Before I nearly didn't go. I had a headache and really just wanted to lie down in a dark room. We bumped into Auntie Alison on the way in as she was just leaving. She had driven up from somewh...
Angela F25 days ago
Cancer, My Father, and Me
In 2013–2014, I spent every waking moment being a caregiver to my father who was fighting pancreatic cancer. I practically planned out everything I did around making sure I was there for all of the ap...
Richard Douglasa month ago
The End of a Family
I wrote this in an old diary on 11th March 2003 at 6:35am, some seven months after my mum died. It was the first time I could put pen to paper and recount what happened. For reference, Alison is an ol...
Dr. Rondaa month ago
Pal Joey
Looking at the screen of the CAT scan I think, ‘Now this in authentic Reality TV.’ I am blinking fast and furious faucets of tears as if I think I can lift off and out of this cramped, over-heated off...
Emilie Dowtya month ago
This Is Not the End
The room is dark, save for one fluorescent light turned on in the corner. My heart races, my palms are sweaty, and I feel the familiar sting of tears for probably the thousandth time that morning. Som...
Edwina A. Lewis2 months ago
I didn't look for them. God knew what I needed so he sent me distractions. And yes they helped me deal. I had so much to deal with, parents dying, nowhere to live, sad all the time, empty inside. I wa...
Jessie B2 months ago
Grief: Not Something You Just Get Over
Our friends, family, colleagues, and perhaps even random strangers tell us that time heals all wounds, and that you need to suck it up and get over it. But grief, as I have come to know for a fact, is...
Carol Townend2 months ago
Losing My Stepdad at Christmas
Losing someone you are close to is never easy. Boxing Day will always be a sad memory for me, as that was the day my Stepdad sadly past away. My Mother told me on the phone she was heartbroken and I c...
Peggy Rice2 months ago
Elder Abuse
Elder abuse can be a bad thing for an older person, just the same for a young person as well. I know this can happen in nursing homes as well as their own homes where their own children can abuse them...
Rory Black2 months ago
Miscarriage Is A Loss Too
I am trying not to cry as I write this, and I am especially trying not to cry as Sia's 'My Love' plays in the background (I shared the song above. It was played in the movie Eclipse, which I found weird because that movie was about love, and this song was about the death of Sia's boyfriend). Most of the people who know me are aware that I miscarried twins in May of last year. What most people don't know is I also miscarried once before that in January of 2014. With my first pregnancy, I got preg...