Becoming a grandparent makes getting older something to look forward to - all the fun of parenting, without the hassle.

French Fries for Breakfast
Her hair tastes like sour milk. Well, truthfully I never have tasted her hair but just by looking at it, I can imagine inhaling its frothy filth. It is usually put up in a bun but today I watch her ta...
Zachery Leea year ago
On My Way
So I was thinking back today and I found myself remembering a road trip that me and my family took when I was REALLY little. A few of them actually that REALLY stuck in my mind. This is all about road...
Peggy Ricea year ago
Elder Abuse
Elder abuse can be a bad thing for an older person, just the same for a young person as well. I know this can happen in nursing homes as well as their own homes where their own children can abuse them...