fact or fiction

Is it fact or merely fiction? Fact or Fiction explores the myths and beliefs we hold about our family dynamics, traditions, and if there's such thing as a 'perfect family.'

Chelsea Pullano2 years ago
What It's Like to Be the Oldest Child, According to Science
The oldest children in families often have shared experiences about what it's like being the oldest child. Very often, they may say things like "Well, our kid brother/sister got away with stuff mom/da...
Emily McCay2 years ago
How Does Birth Order Shape Your Personality?
For many, the argument of nature vs nurture comes up a lot, in that people question whether or not the nature of your birth or what follows really will shape your personality and life. However, many m...
Jules Fortman2 years ago
From Cinderella to Stepmom: The Myth of the Evil Stepmother
If you've ever cracked open a book filled with fairy tales, you've probably noticed a strange pattern emerging in a bunch of the stories. Cinderella's life was made hell by a wicked stepmother, with h...