Children: Our most valuable natural resource.

Daycare Momma4 months ago
Baby Shark
If you are a parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent...or if you have any association with children at all! Or have friends on social media that are associated with children...then chances are that you kn...
Aiyan Turley4 months ago
Heart beats trembling and treacherous effects, drippings of excitement as I press the "follow" button, hoping that you will not recognize me or even ignores my request. The floods of memory comes stor...
Michelle Schultz4 months ago
Why My Daughter Growing Up Scares the Shit Out of Me
My daughter is two-years-old. She is beautiful and happy. I am so blessed that I have such a happy baby. She smiles at everyone but screams for me. Timeout isn't my favorite but she's smart and beginn...
Laura Ansbro4 months ago
Parenting for Good Mental Health in Our Children
We read so much about how our overcrowded lives, lack of sleep and stiff upper lip mentality can lead us into poor mental health. We read even more about the benefits of practices to improve our menta...
Hm Weimar4 months ago
What Are We Doing to Our Children?
We have all probably noticed the growing epidemic of personality disorders. It seems as though we are all developing some issue that is causing us to be "un-normal." While I do agree that there are so...
Mireia Prats4 months ago
Starving to Shame
Two weeks ago, I was babysitting at a five-star hotel. I was starving, so I put the little baby boy in the buggy and headed up to the lounge. They told me there would be free food up there, but there ...
Kinlie Worthen4 months ago
Daddy Issues (Part 2)
If you haven't read my original Daddy Issues story, you should do that before reading this one. I promise it will help you understand it better. The last story left off where my mom had found out that...
Michelle Frank4 months ago
I Apologize
My darling Buggaboo, The last time we saw each other, hard words were spoken. You were angry about something involving your sister, taking it out on everyone, and that made me angry. The first thing I...
Francesca Joie4 months ago
Trying to Live with a Dying Heart
So I'll be straightforward with my situation. I am a 20 year old woman, with a 6 week old baby girl, and I'm just starting to really live my life. Of course, 20 years old with a baby isn't how I origi...
Jacci Storey4 months ago
The Unknown Infection That Is Leading to Mental Health Issues In Kids
How many mothers out there were told that they tested positive for strep? How many of you knew what that meant during labor? What if the antibiotics didn't work and you passed this "strep" on to your ...
Pagenta G.4 months ago
A Walk in the Park... Jurassic Park
Parenting is no walk in the park, and whoever tries to tell you it is… well, either they have no children themselves, or they somehow ended up with perfect little angels. Of course, you could still re...
Owen T.4 months ago
11 Month Separation Anxiety: What Worked for Us
My first daughter, Faith, is almost one. She will turn one in a week, and we thought now is a great time for her to be in daycare full time. My wife went to work, I dropped her off on my way to work, ...
Emily Grisham5 months ago
As I sit here staring at my computer screen, anxiously deciding what to write, I am off in a daze. I find myself scrolling through the same Facebook news feed on my phone that was there 10 minutes bef...
Sara Bevins5 months ago
ADHD in Kids
Being a parent of three healthy children, I couldn't be more grateful. They are so smart in their own way. My oldest child is four, my middle child is three, and my youngest is two. Living life to the...
Allison Brown5 months ago
Through a Child’s Eye: The Cinema Experience
I will start by saying that I’m a movie buff, owner of almost 700 DVDs and counting, I’m one of those people willing to go to the cinema alone, I love the whole experience and would see every new rele...
Wendell Mitchell5 months ago
Raising Kids Is Easy
We all have something that just bugs us. Sometimes it’s merely an observation that after a little reflection, you can ignore. Other times, it just burrows into your subconsciousness and infiltrates yo...
Olivia Shoemaker5 months ago
Mama’s Boy
Unwavering Love
Jessica McCarty5 months ago
The Journey to Balance
Balance—it's that all elusive thing that we want. I feel like everyone strives towards it their whole lives and no matter what we do, we never feel like we achieve it. Part of the problem is that bala...