Children: Our most valuable natural resource.

Kevin 2 months ago
How to Make the Most Out of Your Kids' Summer
Summer is a time that just about every child looks forward to. However, kids can soon find themselves restless and bored at home. They flip through television channels, play video games, and watch the...
Kiera Moran2 months ago
Cancer Does Not Come Softly
My son has cancer. I've been slowly writing a small amount, thoughts that cannot be contained, emotions that spill out like acid reflux. There isn't really a gaviscon for the emotions cancer brings. M...
Tata Nech2 months ago
How to Be a Better Parent to Your Introverted Child
Raising an introverted kid can be perplexing to extroverted parents, who cannot understand totally their bairn, his quietness, alienation, and difference to them. Nowadays, in a society geared towards...
Isla Wright2 months ago
Fostering Socialization in Young Children
Sometimes there are tears, sometimes just plain stubbornness, but in either case, we are talking about a child who has still not developed social skills. This causes many problems for parents, but it ...
Kevin 2 months ago
How to Take a Break from Life as a Family
When was the last time you took a break from the business of everyday family life? Sometimes taking a break from life as a family just means going on a family trip, so you can relax with one another i...
Mar Ta2 months ago
You’ll Never Understand My Love for You, Little Boy
I knew parenting was going to be hard, but never in my life did I imagine I’d be doing it entirely alone. And never in my life did I imagine JUST how hard it would be, day in and day out. From the ear...
Caitlin Franks2 months ago
Teenage Mother
When I was young, I was happy. Free and full of life. I had no worry in the world. I had so many friends, so I was always outside playing. I kept busy all of the time. As I grew up into my teenage yea...
Amelia Grant2 months ago
5 Important Characteristics of a Children's Toothbrush
At this time, new worries emerge for the parents: they must teach the child to care for their teeth. It is very difficult to develop a habit in a child: kids usually get naughty, often lazy. Therefore...
Sasha McGregor3 months ago
Healthy Hacks for Kids' Health
Raising children can be a rewarding and challenging life endeavor. As parents, you want to keep your children happy and healthy. You have to figure out how to teach your kids how to be healthier, and ...
E. C. Pluto3 months ago
A Vent, if You Will
I’m 14, and to my surprise, old enough to write on this website. Thankfully, of course but there’s nothing I feel like writing about more than this. I’ve just moved out of my moms house with my older ...
Marnie Grundman3 months ago
Child Abuse Prevention
Sometimes preventing child abuse doesn’t come from calling a hotline. Sometimes preventing child abuse starts with taking a deep breath, and following the path of most resistance… it comes from breaking the cycle, and beginning the heart-work of repairing one’s self. Breaking the cycle of abuse means taking the risk of losing everyone you love… losing the people who you thought might finally be in your corner. The louder you live the further they go… even the ones who weren’t around when you wer...
Scarlett Price3 months ago
My Everything
My Dearest Chandler, I carried you for nine months and as time went on I continued carrying you in my arms and my heart. You are at the tender age of two now and we have been separated since December ...
Bad Parenting 101: Gender Neutral Childhood
I'm gonna tell y'all about something I witnessed a while back that bothered my soul. It's been about four years now but if I'm still thinking about it, then obviously I need to get it out of my system...
Shari Shanice3 months ago
I Don't Want to Be a Mother
I love children just as much as the other person but the older I get, I'm settling into the idea that I might just be the fun aunt. I was raised in a very traditional Caribbean household where childre...
Samantha Mia3 months ago
From Single Mom to New Relationship
So you’re pregnant or have children? How beautiful. Giving birth is a feeling that only a woman can feel, a bond and experience like no other. However, what happens if your relationship with the biolo...
I Can't Believe He Doesn't Care
Let's start with a few facts about this awesome young man. At the age of four he was diagnosed as having Asperger's. This means he is on the Autism Spectrum. He didn't start talking until just before ...
Kilyn Wymer4 months ago
Toddlers & Tantrums (Pt. 1)
The day started as any other, the kids waking her up for the day before her alarm even has a chance to go off. Then it was on to clean clothes and breakfast, then meds for her oldest. All of this was ...
Kayla Triplett4 months ago
Being a Step Mom
I may not have given you life, but life gave me you. - Unknown