Children: Our most valuable natural resource.

Kristy Cuevas2 years ago
Since having my fourth child, I have had some very interesting reactions. In the honeymoon stage of friendship with a fellow mom, you start to exchange information about your kids. Sometimes it's an o...
Amy Jourdan2 years ago
Top 5 Ways to Raise Thinkers
One of the most important things to me as a parent is raising critical thinkers. I want them to say the layers beneath and the reasons why things are the way they are. It isn't just a rainbow to us, i...
Lauren S.2 years ago
Empowering My Daughters
My job, my goal, is to raise my two daughters to be strong women, empower them, instill independence, morals, values, and never back down. To teach them to be passionate and go after what they want in...
An Open Letter to My Friends & Fam
I'm going to sincerely regret not getting the minimum 4 hrs of sleep, but as they say in Recon, "We train to standard; not to time!"
Chandra Harrison2 years ago
Chaos and Messy Kisses
My living room is trashed; my kitchen counter is covered with dishes (mostly bowls and spoons). Toys that were meant to stay in the play room have somehow managed to invade my bedroom. To say a hurric...
Brooke Smith2 years ago
The Life of a Teenage Mom
It was in August 2016 when I found out I was pregnant. I was only 16 years old at the time and that was honestly the scariest news of my life. I cried for days wondering how I was going to raise a bab...
Mark Williams2 years ago
Better Children Make for a Better Future
In response to the mounting allegations against Harvey Weinstein, there has been a great deal of noise coming from “fathers of daughters” talking about how they love and respect women, how sexual pred...
Ellen Hornberger2 years ago
The Ultimate Potty Training Guide for Girls
As any overwhelmed, bloodshot eyed parent can attest to, potty training can be a messy ordeal. There's a sea of opinions and expertise out there preaching when your baby girl should begin potty traini...
Carolyn LnDn2 years ago
Born with Ulnar Longitudinal Deficiency—Extremely Rare!
To all that may read this.. This is about my child's journey who was born with an EXTREMELY RARE disability called Ulnar Longitudinal Deficiency or Ulnar Clubhand. When I was about seven months pregna...
Megan Hendricks2 years ago
7 Free Things To Do For Halloween
Halloween is coming up and you want to do something fun, but you also want to save money. Don't worry I know what it is like when it seems like every holiday cost so much money. I know how you can sav...
Kat Peirce2 years ago
Blow Hard, Bud!
Being a mom is never an easy thing. You often feel as if you have failed in some way, question, and doubt yourself. Those feelings only get worse when you live not only with anxiety but with kids who ...
Tiffany Wade2 years ago
The Sh*t They Don't Tell You: Lesson #2
Death by Laundry I was once a young, wild bachelorette, whose main purpose in life was partying, concerts and, due to the lack of rich relatives to inherit from, going to work, to earn more money for ...
Robyn Kellow2 years ago
Devastating Outcomes
Today, I am writing about a topic some people are currently going through, a topic others have already gone through, and a topic some of you may go through in the future. And it is personal to me, som...
Hayley Bonnett2 years ago
Say What?
Kids are funny, aren't they? They have no shame in what they talk about, and it makes me think that maybe we should all start to live that way. I've been working in childcare for three years now, and ...
Rebecca Sharrock2 years ago
Through the Eyes of a Toddler
I’ve previously written a blog called “Through the Eyes of a Newborn.” Now I’ll do the same kind of thing, except for it being about the next phase of my life, which was my toddler years. I’ll begin w...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
The Lies We Tell Kids
Anyone who says that they never lie to their children, is, well, a liar. We tell lies to kids every single day, and not just the Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy stuff, important stuff, real stuff. Parents...
Erin Misenar2 years ago
Failing at Dance Mom
I never thought I would be a dance mom. Well, I never thought any of my children might be a dancer or good at dancing. My first daughter took ballet and tap and it was not a great fit. She is a fabulo...
Erin Misenar2 years ago
PTA Mom Life
With four young kids, I have certainly been in a PTA. What is a PTA, you ask? The PTA stands for the Parent Teacher Association at any elementary, or middle school around. This organization is all vol...