Children: Our most valuable natural resource.

Jade Pulman8 hours ago
How to Keep Children Strong and Healthy
There is nothing more meaningful than knowing that the children you are raising are healthy and growing strong. Parenting has its ups and downs, but the proud parent moments make it all worth it at th...
Craig Middleton3 days ago
Helping Your Child Become a Better Swimmer
Your child loves to swim, and would like to compete in swimming competitions. How can you help your child become a strong swimmer? With your child wanting to swim every day, installing a swimming pool...
Jami Brumfield4 days ago
What I've Learned About Tantrums
Being Proactive and Having the Right Response Makes a Huge Difference
Davie Winters5 days ago
How to Prepare Children for Life
There are three types of people in this world: those who fear to fall the most, those who fear to hit the ground the most, and those who fear never being able to get back up again, the most. According...
Ross Geller6 days ago
6 Decor Ideas For Kids That Will Enhance Their Learning
Creative intelligence is very crucial to prepare your kids for life's dynamic changes. Here is how you can help your kids become more creative, and exercise their brains at the same time. A child's br...
5 Things to Say to Your Kids More Often
As a parent, we know there are things that a child needs such as food, shelter, and an education. However, there are also things that children need that can be expressed through words. These things ma...
Louisa Jane14 days ago
The Book of Wisdom
I've started writing a book. Well, not a real book. More like a Word document that I add to now and then. It's based on an idea I've had for ages now. I want to make something that I can give to my ch...
Nikita Busic14 days ago
An Open Letter to My Youngest Son
To my youngest son, My sweet boy, there are days I feel like my life is just a blur and sometimes you get lost in the mix. My time and attention seem to be consumed with helping your brother, school p...
C.J. Erolan15 days ago
Perks of Having a Toddler
I am at the point of motherhood where I am enjoying every minute of it, because I realised how quickly time has flown. Literally, this is what I was told by so many well-meaning people before. I secre...
Chaotic Mind
When I was a young mother, I went to school and studied psychology, social work, and child development. My intent was to become a social worker to help children. I never dreamed that my most practical...
Jade Pulman18 days ago
Ensuring the Best Summer Break for Your Children
Keeping Your Children Entertained Throughout the Summer
Dynamics of a Family
A family is a group of people who are related by blood or marriage. Usually a family consists of a father, mother, and children. However, many families are not like the Leave It to Beaver family of cl...
Alyssa Day18 days ago
At Home with a Child
How to spend time at home with a child
Joseph Willson19 days ago
The Simple Life
There are many things that throughout the course of my life I have enjoyed. Many of these things I do still enjoy, yet of late I have come to discover the many things I no longer do. The question I ha...
Dave Smith19 days ago
How Accurate Are Those Home DNA Tests?
Analysing a person's DNA was once a difficult, time-consuming, and expensive task—reserved for the police, and performed in high-tech laboratories. But these days, you can pick up a home paternity tes...
Tom Sharp19 days ago
Summer Holiday Money-Savers
When the kids are off from school for six weeks, it can sometimes be very time-consuming, especially if you have to take time off work. And also, it won’t do any favours to your bank balance either. K...
Damien Justus20 days ago
Teaching Your Children Responsibility for Their Belongings
For those with kids, you know all too well how challenging it can be to get them to respect their things. You have witnessed several occasions where they toss an expensive toy into the air or dip thei...