Children: Our most valuable natural resource.

Michelle Schultz19 hours ago
Lorelei's Letters - Letter Two
Lorelei's Letters is a series of posts addressed for my daughter, but that have general statements that I believe everyone should hear from someone, at some point in their lives. Basically, they are l...
Lorelei's Letters - Letter One
I have written letters before that were addressed to my daughter; in fact, I keep a diary for her for when she's older with more, personal (specific family stuff and stuff I went through and am going ...
Natalie Santana4 days ago
Lessons My Toddler Has Taught Me
Motherhood has offered me opportunities for betterment of myself. I wouldn't consider myself a good mother if I didn't make mistakes, learn from them, and try again. By far, the most surprising opport...
Kevin 5 days ago
Cherished Childhood Memories: Fostering Joy for Life
The Creation of Cherished Childhood Memories The creation of cherished childhood memories has not gone out of style since the beginning of time. It is never too late to make memorable moments with you...
Kiera Moran8 days ago
Peaks and Troughs
I like to write with a pen and paper. I scribble and rearrange on the page. In university I hand wrote my essay notes, mind maps, and arrows directed ideas. I didn’t feel the need to write back then, ...
Lakeyia L9 days ago
Summer Is Here
Summer is here and there are a lot of things that you can do with your family and friends. If you are stuck on some options here are a few things that can get you started.
Shelby Jordan10 days ago
Being that Perfect Parent
We all meet those "bumps" in the road.
Leila Dorari11 days ago
Make Sure Kids Feel Safe in Stressful Times
The world we live in is magnificent (most of the time). As wonderful as that may be, those who can get through the day without experiencing stress on some level are rare. The intensity of it can vary ...
Kevin 12 days ago
Ways to Keep Your Children Happy and Healthy
6 Steps to Improving Your Child's Health
Allison Saia12 days ago
Off and Away
In four days, he’ll be walking across the stage and entering his adult life. The incredibly tall redhead with a beard to cover his baby face will graduate college and my life, as his mom, will enter a...
Jade Pulman14 days ago
Teaching Kids About Responsibility
As parents we are given the enormous responsibility of teaching our kids everything they need to know about how to be a good, responsible, and productive citizen as an adult. We start teaching them th...
Caitlyn Hulej15 days ago
Life Before Kids
Don’t get me wrong, my kids are the best things that have happened to me. I love them all unconditionally, and they are my true motivation to do better in life. However, I do miss life before them. Wh...
Jordan Casarez16 days ago
Dear Daughter
Dear daughter, I was only 23 and I had NO clue what to do upon your birth. I remember you were brought into this world by a young man who hadn’t figured out his own path in this world, but was determi...
Sarah Hong18 days ago
孝女 (A Good Daughter)
When I was in kindergarten, I read a fable about a man who no longer wanted to take care of his aging father. In order to abandon his father in the deep forest, the man decided to carry his father in ...
Samantha Bentleya month ago
Eco-Parenting—Easy Tips
In the past few years, my obsession with health and wellness has increased tenfold. I trained to teach yoga five years ago and started living an entirely vegan lifestyle. I began to look into the thin...
Samantha Bentleya month ago
10 Things That Will Change as Soon as You Have Kids....
From the moment I had my son, my life changed. I know it sounds cliche, I used to hear people say it and roll my eyes. But it really, really does change everything. Whether you want it to or not, ther...
Baby Sussex's Birth Certificate Reveals What Was Once Private
Prince Harry and Meghan Meghan agreed to keep details about the birth of their first child private. No one knew where the baby was born. There had been some talk that the Duchess of Sussex would have ...