It takes a village to raise a family; advice and tips to make the most of yours.

Tanzania S2 months ago
As most of you know, being a parent is a journey. I am a parent of three young boys who, lets say, keep me on my feet. They are a joy! See raising three boys is convenient in many ways. I pass down th...
Growing and Glowing This Holiday Season
It’s nearly Thanksgiving and before you know it Christmas will be on the horizon. There is nothing like the holidays! Time with family, friends, good food and making lasting memories is what this time...
Jaz Johnstone2 months ago
Useful Baby Items vs Waste of Time!
I'll start by saying these are just my opinions, based on my experiences in preparing for the birth of three babies so far. I remember trawling the internet for hours, searching for every little thing...
Naima Elmi2 months ago
All About the Birds and the Bees
We have all watched a scene in a movie or a TV show where a confident parent tries to prepare their growing child for the changes to come. As the child sits there in horror not wanting to have such a ...
Kjia Welte3 months ago
Why I Moved Back in with My Parents
If you're reading this, you're most likely at the age where kids are expected to move out soon (or to have already moved out long ago), and wondering if you should or not. I can't tell you what to do—...
Jody James3 months ago
The Letter
Dearest Princess, By now, you are used to these letters. I must admit that I am not. Even though it is how we must communicate now, I struggle. With every word I write the desire to see your life unfo...
Jaz Johnstone3 months ago
5 Things I Want My Baby to Know
From Everything I've Learned
Jessica McCarty3 months ago
25 Self-Care Ideas for the Busy Mom
So one question I always get it is what can I do to take care of myself? Another one is I can’t think of any self-care ideas. The ideas are limitless if you are creative. More important than what you ...
Tony Campbell3 months ago
Dad of a Five-Year-Old
The life of a father to a five-year-old little diva is a lot more complex than you’d imagine, and I assume it’s only going to get more interesting. From the moment you first see your daughter being bo...
Samantha Reid3 months ago
Sleep: It's Important
Sleep. It is something that we all require and so many of us don't get nearly enough. When you have children, sleep is an elusive creature that rarely shows its face. Sometimes you feel like you've go...
Tony Campbell3 months ago
Struggles of Being a New Dad
For a woman becoming a mom is a gradual thing because of the carrying of the baby. However, for a man, it's a bit more sudden in terms of the day you fully become a dad. It's almost as if you went fro...
Hannah Hare3 months ago
Becoming a Stepparent
Becoming a stepparent can be both challenging and scary, especially when the relationship is just getting started. When you start to date and be with someone you love it is always easy to be around th...
Jaz Johnstone3 months ago
It's Okay to Just Let Them Play
When you think back to being a child, most of the happy memories that pop into your head are of things like your favourite toy, game or activity. For me it's making mud pies on the hill outside the ho...
Emmie Mayberry3 months ago
5 Ways to Help Depression as a Mom
I will never ever regret having my beautiful daughter. When my boyfriend and I found out we were pregnant on the night of our friend's wedding, we were ecstatic. We were ready to have our family, and ...
Aleea Whitmire3 months ago
When It Becomes Too Heavy
Domestic violence is like this country's dirty little secret. Everyone knows it is happening but, until it directly affects you or someone you love, it isn't talked about. There are many reasons why, ...
Luka Seydoux3 months ago
How to Come out to Homophobic Parents
Preparation for the Before, During, and After
Mariah Kelley3 months ago
Panic Attacks and Triggers
Panic attacks are debilitating and can be humiliating to have others see. If you're around anyone else, you probably feel like they're staring at you and you're making a huge fool of yourself. All you...
Mariah Kelley3 months ago
Motherhood with Mental Health
It's hard enough just being a mother, but being a mother with depression/anxiety is a whole other beast. You probably laugh when other moms complain about how hard they have it, while you think to you...