It takes a village to raise a family; advice and tips to make the most of yours.

amanda mollett8 hours ago
Hurtful Words Can't Be Unspoken
Some words can never be unsaid once they have been said. Some words that have been spoken can hurt long after they are spoken, and they can be thought about over and over again. These words can and wi...
Jade Pulmana day ago
5 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy
Having a clean home is a great way to have a happy home. When you keep germs out of your house, it means that you have a safe place where your kids can thrive and flourish without getting nasty infect...
Isaiah Goodman2 days ago
Becoming Celebrated
We hope that you enjoyed Father's Day! It's been awkward for me since my father passed away in 2012. I'm blessed to be a dad, so I think about some of the things that he did for me, but also some of t...
HowToFind .com2 days ago
From What Age Can We Talk About Sexuality With Our Children?
Educating children on this topic is basic so that they get to know each other better and learn to relate to each other. One of the most important tasks is to educate our children on a subject that is ...
Kevin 7 days ago
Caring for Your Kids
Having kids is a beautiful thing. You are giving birth to another life and will always have someone with you now. You are adding another person to the family to be cherished and loved. Having kids is ...
Kevin 8 days ago
How to Connect Better with Your Family at Home
Connecting with your family is a very important thing to be able to do. When you aren’t able to connect with your family at home, you are going to be missing out on many bonding opportunities. Your ho...
Sasha McGregor13 days ago
Well-Rounded Tips for a Healthy and Happy Family
Having a well-rounded healthy family includes various aspects. Mind, body, and soul are all important factors in the pursuit of health. We have to work on it in ourselves, but also in our children, if...
Jade Pulman13 days ago
Outdoor Activities to Try This Summer with Your Family
This summer is like any other summer. If you’re like any other person and you don't like being inside and you’d rather get out and play, then you may want to keep reading. There are a ton of things yo...
Akash Sharma13 days ago
9 Actionable Parenting Tips
Parenting is one of the most researched topics in the field of psychology. The whole goal of parenting is to make your child productive, responsible and independent, so I am going to share some tips w...
Alyssa Day21 days ago
Relationships in a Large Family
A few tips that can help make your life managing a big fam, more fun and less trouble.
Sasha McGregor21 days ago
Protecting Your Kids from Outside Dangers
There are many different outside dangers that could greatly affect your kids' safety. It is important that you learn about the different ways to protect your kids in order to have a peace of mind that...
Kevin Repassa month ago
Adolescents and Addiction
Drug addiction in the United States is spreading like wildfire. It is common for parents to worry about whether or not their child may have been introduced to drugs or alcohol. The signs and symptoms ...
Kevin a month ago
3 Tips for New Moms
Being a mom is the best—and toughest—job in the world. Here are a few things to think about as you are doing the heavy lifting of raising a child.
Tips for Moving Elderly Parents From New York to New Jersey
Being the oldest child or designated caregiver of elderly parents can be a tremendous responsibility. It’s common to feel pressured when trying to help them make the best decisions, and even more so i...
Ann Kinga month ago
Father's Will Tore the Family Apart
It is sad when anyone loses a member of their family. Most people go through the necessary process to get through things. Funeral, grieving and eventually settling the deceased's estate. The funeral a...
Sasha McGregora month ago
What Every Home Needs for Kids
After you have children, there are changes that you should make to your home to make it safer. Here is what every home that has children needs added to it to prevent dangerous situations.
Kendra Washington2 months ago
It Runs in the Family
My mother has a mouth on her. She's customer services worst nightmare. She can pick you apart in a matter of seconds. She cusses like a sailor and her words are the birth place of most of my childhood...
J.Y. L2 months ago
5 Heartfelt Gifts for Mother's Day
Looking for creative and personal gifts for your mother? Here are “5 Heartfelt Gifts for Mother's Day.”