It takes a village to raise a family; advice and tips to make the most of yours.

Tips for Moving Elderly Parents From New York to New Jersey
Being the oldest child or designated caregiver of elderly parents can be a tremendous responsibility. It’s common to feel pressured when trying to help them make the best decisions, and even more so i...
Ann King8 days ago
Father's Will Tore the Family Apart
It is sad when anyone loses a member of their family. Most people go through the necessary process to get through things. Funeral, grieving and eventually settling the deceased's estate. The funeral a...
What Every Home Needs for Kids
After you have children, there are changes that you should make to your home to make it safer. Here is what every home that has children needs added to it to prevent dangerous situations.
It Runs in the Family
My mother has a mouth on her. She's customer services worst nightmare. She can pick you apart in a matter of seconds. She cusses like a sailor and her words are the birth place of most of my childhood...
J.Y. L17 days ago
5 Heartfelt Gifts for Mother's Day
Looking for creative and personal gifts for your mother? Here are “5 Heartfelt Gifts for Mother's Day.”
Susan Molor17 days ago
5 Tips for Couples Parenting a Special Needs Child
Any married couple would tell you that parenting as a couple takes work. What with sleepless nights, stressful days, taking turns taking care of your child, and endless decisions to make about your ch...
Brooke Collits19 days ago
How Extroverted Parents Can Cope with Introverted Twins
The issue gains rather serious emotional shadows when the cardinally opposite personalities are the members of a single family, and when they are your children–looking for the ways to live in harmony,...
D. A. Rhine19 days ago
Postpartum Depression
Leaving the hospital without my baby, I believe, was the catalyst for the beginning of my postpartum depression. It was my second pregnancy and it was fairly normal until early in the third trimester....
Lakeyia L19 days ago
The Summer Fun Ideas
When it comes to summer sometimes it comes around early, and in our case with the whole global warming it is. We are looking at summer more than spring, so now it is time to start pulling out the flip...
D. A. Rhine22 days ago
Even Supermoms Have Bad Days
Not every day is super as a mom. We love our kids and would do anything for them, but there are days when hiding in the back of our closet with a bottle of red wine and a soft blanket seems like a goo...
Jade Pulman23 days ago
Meeting Your Family's Needs While Adding Children
Tips to Nurturing and Growing Your Family
Sarah Dahlea month ago
Five Reasons to Remove Toxic Family Members!
Family is always important in your life, even though the good times and bad times. Family isn’t perfect; however, is it worth keeping a family member who is toxic? If your relative is negatively impac...
Clare Scanlana month ago
Sleep: The Toddler Who Wakes up at Night
Last year my two-year–old daughter started waking up at night crying several times in the night. She would say she was hungry, or had had a bad dream, or she was missing us, or she just couldn’t sleep...
Clare Scanlana month ago
15 Tips for Going Out with Multiple Kids
Going out with one child often feels like you are preparing for a polar expedition, going out with multiple children is stressful, and going out on a date with children means you will have to gather a...
Natalie Igea month ago
Tips on Picking the Best Child Care Facility
As parents, you have to make many important decisions for your child; one of them being—picking the best child care facility for your child. The childcare centre should be such where your child feels ...
Carol Townenda month ago
A List of Things People Never Told Me About Parenting!
I had my first child at just 18 years old, and I had no idea what parenting would be like! People told me many things, however nothing could prepare me for the unexpected. Here is a list of things I w...
Get Your Child Ready for Summer Camp
It doesn't matter if it's your child's first or tenth time to be away from home, it's still not an easy, nor simple decision for parents to send off their children into an unfamiliar environment for a...
Donna Maurer2 months ago
The Benefits of Utilizing Music for Family Bonding
In our technology-ridden world, it’s harder for families to go through life without some sort of electronic device involved. Many families are beginning to seek out bonding time away from all of the t...