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Stay at Home Moms

The Life Behind Being a Stay at Home Mom

I know. I know what most of you think of us stay at home mothers is that we can relax and lounge around the house all day. But that's not the case whatsoever. 

The life of a SAHM (Stay at home mom) is, well, tough. It has its good days, sure. But in reality, it's constant cleaning, screaming kids, picking up after husbands, and kids all day long with little to no help at all. And some of us are lucky to have a husband who is 100 percent hands on and helps you no matter what. 

You got kids running around, throwing toys every where, making messes all the time, pulling their diapers off, smearing poop on walls or maybe even eating it! But that's a part of being a toddler... gross, I know! Hitting their siblings, being stingy with toys, screaming bloody murder if they aren't getting their way, or constantly saying "mom" 50 million times within a hour. 

Sahm life isn't easy. It's great. Don't get me wrong. I love it because I get to be with my kids everyday and not miss a single momen, even though some days I wish I could runaway for a little while to get a breather. 

But in all honesty, behind all the stress, and hair pulling out crying moments, it's a blessing, because I get to be their mentor, nurse, teddy bear, pillow, shoulder to cry on, even a referee, and a chef. Yes my kids drive me NUTS! But at the end of the day, laying them down for bed, and getting the last hug and kiss of the day, it makes me love my job 1000 times more. Because those little eyes that look up at me see me as their hero. Those little arms that wrap around my neck think I'm the strongest person ever and just love me no matter how bad the day was. And seeing those smiles and hearing those laughs reassures me I'm doing an amazing job. 

If you're a sahm, don't feel alone and ashamed for having a bad day. We all have one. 

I know some days you just want to lock yourself up in the bathroom or the bedroom. We all go through that stage in being a SAHM. That doesn't make you a bad mom, it makes you a tired and stressed out mom. And guess what? That's okay! I feel that way sometimes myself. Constantly being climbed on, ears being busted from high pitch screaming, headaches, tears, peed on, puked on. Cleaning food off the floor all the time, even crayon off the walls. 

We have crazy days, and we have laid back days. Regardless of what kind of mom you are, you are a good mom and doing a terrific job. Yes, I said job, because it's a tough one. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No breaks, vacations, sick days, weekends, and we even work for free. But it's worth it. It really is. I would rather be a sahm then let some stranger watch my kids. Or put them in daycare. 

I know not all of us have that choice. Most mothers have to work. Even two jobs. Well, three actually. And that's okay, too! 

We aren't perfect. We don't get to sit on our butts all day everyday. We don't get to do whatever we want when we want. So you can rule that out. And to all you SAHMs, cheers to ya! We are doing a fantastic job! Ignore the haters! Turn the other cheek and keep momming on! 

Carol Forsyth
Carol Forsyth

I'm 24 years old. I love to write. Once I set my mind to something I can achieve it. I've been married for 5 years, going on 6. I have 3 kids. And whatever I end up writing I hope you guys enjoy 😊

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Stay at Home Moms
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