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How to Arrange an LGBTQ Adoption
Right now, there is probably at least one person out there hoping that you'll adopt a child. It could be a stressed out woman who isn't able to support a child, or it could be the child himself. I oug...
Colin R. Brownea year ago
A Parent’s Guide to Staying Safe Online
Software is not necessarily the answer.
Annie Kielya year ago
Best Family Friendly Movies
Selecting a movie that interests the whole family can be a major challenge. Things that are age appropriate for the kids often may not be interesting for older members of the family. Family movie nigh...
Arnold Seleskeya year ago
Books That Improve Family Relations
Everyone alive is an expert on this most compelling of subjects. Nothing is, or ever was, more wonderful, more dreadful, more inescapable, or the subject of more talk than the family unit. Every clan ...
Casey Rosea year ago
What It's Really Like to Lose Your Parents
Loss is, in no way, the same for everyone. My brother, on hearing about the loss of our mother, went immediately back to playing with LEGOs. Only months later did he process what had happened, and cry...
Deborah Alicea year ago
Our Mothers of Color
My mother was born of a woman who did not keep her. One of many siblings, my mother was supposedly the only child her mother decided she could not keep. She was adopted into a very well off, heavily e...
Kristy Loxtona year ago
Top 7 Ways to Be a Kick-Ass Step-parent
I’ve never been a fan of absolutes, but people seem to be drawn to listicles (myself included), so here is a concise list of knowledge I’ve acquired as a result of both my education in Humanistic and ...
Dollface Killaha year ago
Planning for Pregnancy, Fertility Facts and Alternative Methods
When it comes to reproduction, fertility is the number one focus for many. Some people aren't able to conceive naturally. Studies have shown that one in seven women will have problems with infertility...
Kim Goodacre10 months ago
When Is the Right Time to Have Children?
As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted children. My family is a big one: I have two older siblings, fourteen cousins, thirty-one second cousins and now one nephew and two nieces. From the moment I was...