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Speeding Through the 1st Years

With My Kid's Foot on the Accelerator

One has too much energy to sit still.

I am the mother of a fantastic person who already turned seven two weeks ago, and those seven years were the fastest I've ever known.

With having children, you do in a way get a second chance at life. My daughter is a part of me as she is of all of us and has much to teach us already.

Seven years have passed by of keeping her aligned with empathy, compassion, building self-love, and understanding. Kyra has helped me become that child again, who she is - is the best of me and more, mirroring back those ideas and I build upon them again.

If ever I had a time to shine and get off my lazy backside, this has been it. In seven seemingly lonely years of parenthood, I have found much strength.

She was born 7 lbs. 10 oz with a full head of thick, dark hair and just moments after finding her feet she was standing strong while we held her and she would refuse to come back down until she was done with showing off. As confident and healthy as I was during pregnancy, I never expected that!

Fast forward four months and she just sat there unaided, correcting herself if she started to fall over. So many words for a little thing she’d babble away while standing by the side of the bed grinning at us, we knew there was no stopping her as the all assuming surrounding parents shook their heads at us.

On each month anniversary she surprised us - at six months she crawled across the room, ten months she walked… two weeks later she was running! How other parents thought we pushed her to do all this was so frustrating... if anyone was making anyone do anything it was all her and her insisting on walking the whole way to the park and back on tiny ten-month old legs, naming colours of flowers and spotting her favourites all the way. We supported her through with smiles, laughter, and love that allowed her achievements to evolve naturally; there is no race to be won in parenting another person. If she wasn’t walking on her tiny, strong legs she was climbing, dancing or jumping and somehow this inspired us to improve our diet all the more.

At 18 months I felt I couldn’t keep up and stopped breastfeeding her. I was relieved to not be breastfeeding an extremely active nap-refusing child who had not only been speaking in sentences for four months previous but could talk more about our solar system than most school-leavers. She’d been naming the planets in order from the sun, and would chat about nebulas and galaxies. She’d been counting to ten and back down to one for the last couple of months and we all learned a lot of great things together. It was around this stage that we had many talks about what people eat and she told us she was very happy we didn’t make her eat meat or dairy, she told us about how she cared for our planet and every being on it. She revels in her strength and health every day.

At two years and two months she told me she was done with nappies, possibly because that way I’d have free time to search for books she could read by herself, which she does now a lot of the day and it amazes me how advanced her skills in reading are.

So this little non - animal product and non - processed sugar consuming body and mind then started to amaze us at the climbing wall. Not only did she have the stamina for traversing the whole route but held strong for a few minutes while daddy grabbed something to tighten the loose hold she was about to go for. She refused to come back down until she reached her goal. We'd wait patiently, hands off and standing back as it’s always been, shaking our heads at each other in disbelief at how well being mindful and using patience has all worked out.

She is witty and wise and has huge awareness of herself and others, on a spiritual, mental, and physical point if view. She can talk to anyone of any age because I always had her upfront with me and included her in conversations, disregarding other people’s opinions on what they thought a child was… she proved them wrong every time. I treated her as a whole person from birth, now all she has to do is express that character and it will naturally build over her life.

Since a year ago I have been single parenting, but whilst the early years were spent across country with a partner who was nearly always at work, I felt like I was in training for this role. With limited time together now, she gets the best of her dad, while I use the time for study and business building.

My pregnancy and first few years as a parent saved my life. Knowing she was growing inside my womb was how I stopped smoking and drinking instantly. In that nine and a half months there was enough time to have it all properly set in my heart and mind that I had reason to look after myself. I’ve since then come up with so many other reasons to carry on that have allowed me to be the best version of myself, in order to share and create with others.

Through this awesome journey around the spiral of life nothing good is ever gained without some hardship. I teach my daughter and my daughter teaches me. I gave her life, love, and empathy and she taught me how to better use it. More awake than ever, I am inspired to push myself more as she has always done, she has taught me a better understanding of how I can be in the moment, to be present and to know that until a moment is actually lived, you never know what’s going to happen!

It's a rising ethos...

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Speeding Through the 1st Years
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