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Special Advice for Daddies and Children

An Important Message for All

Photo by Kay on Unsplash

Today is Father's Day. To others, it is just June 17, 2018. To me, it is a day to say HAPPY DADDY'S DAY to the greatest Dad on the planet-mine! Unfortunately, I will be standing at the foot of my parents' grave and telling my Dad to have a Happy Daddy's Day. I have to believe in my heart that he will hear me.

What about the rest of you? If you are a Dad or a father, you need to cherish the time that you have. You must do something now in order to graduate from the sperm donor stage which is branded with the title of Father to the level where you are close to your children and you plan your world around them. That is the Dad stage. Be active in your child's life. Show them. Do things with them. Most of all, be there with them and for them. They are your children, your offspring. Whatever you teach them now will stay with them forever. Whatever you do for them now to help them will be a lesson never forgotten by them. You are their Dad. Step up to the plate if you haven't done so already and hit that game-winning grand slam. It is up to you.

If you are the child of a Dad, show him some love. Appreciate him. Give him a reason to shed a tear for you. Make him feel special. Watch him because the same things you do with him is what your children if you have any, will do with and for you. He is a special guy who was put into your life. He was really excited after he met you. He held you up. He held you close to him so that he could see and feel your heart. When you cried, he was there for you. Be there for him. He took care of you in your early stages. He will need you in his late stages. His mission in life was to take care of and love you, your Mom and the rest of your family. He successfully completed his mission. Now, it is the perfect time to show him how thankful you are for all that he did for you.

As for me, I am at a dead end in my life. Even though my Dad is gone, his lessons are still with me. I live with them every day. The only thing that is missing in at I have to deal with in my pathetic life is a hole the size of a thousand Grand Canyons. I never married. The most beautiful lady I ever met had died before I was able to gather some courage to tell her how much I loved her and wanted to marry her. I never had any happiness. As a result, I never became a Dad. It greatly saddens me. There are times, and I am not afraid to say so, that I just sit at home and shed tears for the fact that a part of my life never existed and never will exist. It is way too late for me. I will never be able to marry or be a Dad.

One day, I had dreamed that the lady I wish I had married and I had a little daughter. One day, she jumped into our bed one morning — a two or three-year-old girl — jumped repeatedly on our bed and woke us up. I looked at her. I wasn't angry. I smiled at her. She kissed my wife and said, "I love you, Mommy." Then she looked at me and said, "I love you, Daddy." Then, she kissed me and I hugged her. I then woke up and realized what happened. God was showing me how truly happy my life would have been if I was smart enough to ask my true love to marry me. I will never have that dream again. Don't live the life I am presently living right now.

You, on the other hand, are living the life I wish I had. If you lost your Dad, you know exactly what I am talking about. If your Dad is still with you, just remember one thing that a very wise person taught me. "Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Love and treasure those who are still with you today because they could be gone tomorrow." I had only one response to the person who was the smartest person I knew. When I see him, I will make it a point to tell him.

I will hold my head down, look at his grave marker and say, "Thank you, Dad! I love you." <3

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

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Special Advice for Daddies and Children
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