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Six of My Favorite Christmas Traditions

It wouldn't be Christmas without...

I'm a very traditional person. Every Christmas, I look forward to going to the same places and doing the same things with my family and close friends, because to me, it just wouldn't be Christmas without some of the things we do together. With the holidays quickly approaching, I got to thinking about some of the traditions that define my yuletide experience. Maybe some of my favorites will become some of your own! Here are six of my favorite Christmas traditions.

1. Getting Pajamas on Christmas Eve

Every year, my mom lets us open one present on Christmas Eve, and it's always pajamas. It's something we've been doing in our family since I was little (and where most of my current sleepwear comes from!). We open the wrapped pajamas, put them on, and then pose for a picture before going to bed. It makes for a cute photo op and always leaves me going to sleep smiling. 

2. Making Homemade Eggnog with My Grandma

There's a century-old recipe for eggnog written by my great-great-grandmother that I always make with my grandma (Nanny) on Christmas Day, just before dinner. Not only does it taste so much better than the regular stuff from the store, but I have the chance to bond with my only grandmother while perfecting such a delicious drink with her. 

3. Candlelight Service at Church

By far the best place to be on Christmas Eve at 11 PM is at the sanctuary of a church. This service always includes the most meaningful sermons and at midnight, everyone lights candles and sings "Silent Night" in the dark. It truly is a beautiful experience and helps to remind me and everyone else in the congregation of the true meaning of Christmas.

4. Binge Watching Christmas Movies

Getting out of school for the holidays marks the beginning of staying up late watching classic Christmas movies on the couch. Elf, The Family Stone, and White Christmas are just a few of my personal favorites. After getting home at night after an eventful Christmas Day, I love to curl up on the couch with my dog and close out the holiday season with all of my favorite movies.

5. My Aunt's Famous Christmas Eve Party

I actually don't see this side of my family much throughout the year, so getting to go to my great aunt's on Christmas Eve is pretty much the highlight of the season. We are always greeted with big hugs, a buffet of incredible food, and a house full of rambunctious but lively and fun family members. The party never fails to put me in the Christmas spirit, and I always leave the house full on punch, peppermint bark, and city chicken wings. Where can you go wrong?

6. Being with My Extended Family All Day Long

We spend all of Christmas Day at my grandma's house, which means I get to spend the whole day with my cousins, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc. We spend the day eating way too many Christmas cookies, swapping stories about old times, and just enjoying each other's company. I really feel the love during this part of the year and especially this part of Christmas. Being with your family on the best day of the year really makes the treasured feelings of the holidays last year round.

These are just a few of my favorite things about Christmas. What are some of your treasured traditions?

Merry Christmas, y'all. Hope it's a good one!


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Six of My Favorite Christmas Traditions
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