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Signs Your BFF Is Going to Be an Amazing Aunt

Having a best friend who can also serve as your children's crazy aunt is an incredible blessing. These are the top ten signs your BFF is going to be an amazing aunt.

It takes a special friend to mold into the role of also being your children's future aunt. As life changes, friends come and go, but your best friend is there for you no matter what. 

These are the top ten signs your BFF is going to be an amazing aunt, and one that will forever be in your children's lives, no matter the distances, changes, or life's struggles. 

She doesn't treat you or your friendship any different.

Becoming pregnant will change your life in every aspect. Maintaining friendships is one of the most difficult things to do during this time, as your entire life changes gears. Just like you did after getting married, your friendships will mold to your circumstances. They will do the same now that you're expecting.

However, as one of the telling signs your BFF is going to be an amazing aunt, your friendship's dynamic will not change, and neither will the way she treats you. No matter how crazy your lives are, you still remain a priority, and your friendship is now even more important to her. 

She offers you the perfect amount of support without being controlling.

Our next sign your BFF is going to be an amazing aunt is that she offers the perfect amount of support. This means that she knows exactly what you need, even if you aren't verbally asking for help. 

However, it also means that she is not too overwhelming in the way that she aids you and your pregnancy.

She doesn't pressure you to do things a certain way, even if she is a mom herself; she allows you to use her for your benefit, as well as a benefit for your relationship with each other. 

She is constantly listening.

Often times, pregnant women are overwhelmed with conversations and questions that should simply never be asked. Instead of asking you what your plans are, what you're doing to prepare, or really any overwhelming conversation such as this, your BFF is there to listen. 

She listens to you complain, worry, stress, cry, everything. She realizes that you are the one who would like to dictate the conversation, and if that has nothing to do with your pregnancy, so be it. If it has everything to do with your pregnancy anxieties and stresses, no problem.   

She goes to your doctor's visits with you when your hubby isn't around.

Another telling sign your BFF is going to be an amazing aunt is that she even goes to your doctor's appointments with you.

A small gesture that shows how much you and your friendship mean to her, simply going to your appointments shows how much support she will give you through each step of your pregnancy, and especially through life postpartum

She is always motivating you.

Someone who is there to remind you that you are doing great is so important. Through any step in your life, your best friend should be there to remind you how great you are. 

And especially during this huge transition, being a constant motivator is something that many women need, just to get through the day. If this sounds a lot like your best friend, even if you two don't find a bunch of time to spend together, this is a sign she will be an amazing aunt to your child. 

She avoids the tireless conversations.

We touched on this lightly before, but pregnant women tend to have a lot of conversations with people who act like they care about her well-being, but are really just using uncomfortable and personal questions for small talk. 

Your best friend is someone who understands how much of a struggle this is, and will never ask you invading questions, and instead is your saving grace for any situation that might be frustrating. This is especially true if your best friend is a mother herself. 

The two of you will bond over the irritating habits that people have when they are around a pregnant person. Being your sanity is one of the signs your BFF is going to be an amazing aunt.

She understands that staying home and watching a movie might be the new going out.

Being pregnant, especially when you're further along, will include a lot of down time and your best friend understands that. She will never resent you for your preferences and priorities. 

Plus, she doesn't mind staying in, eating popcorn, and watching chick flicks every Friday night. And she definitely won't mind drinking your glass of wine for you. 

She doesn't take your hormonal reactions personally.

We all know the struggle that comes with not being able to control your hormones and emotions, and often times, it seems like you have zero control over anything while you're pregnant. 

However, your best friend would never take this personally, and even if you snap at her, aren't able to see her for a few weeks, or really anything, they'll understand. 

As one of the top signs your BFF is going to be an amazing aunt, your relationship with your best friend is strong enough to last through even the most hormonal messes. 

She respects all of your decisions.

Your best friend gives you advice only when you ask for it. She knows that your choices for your baby are your own, and that when you reach out to her, that is the time where she will contribute. 

Everyone has their own judgments about choices, especially when it comes to birth, but your best friend respects the fact that they are your own to make, no matter how close you are.

She acts like she's the one expecting the baby sometimes.

Your best friend might get so wrapped up in your pregnancy that she might seem as if she's the one who's expecting. Though an exaggeration, our final sign your BFF is going to be an amazing aunt is that she has put in as much energy into your pregnancy as your own family has. 

It is a sign that you should be very thankful and proud of your relationship with her. Plus, this includes purchasing a bunch of new baby clothes, planning the baby shower, and much more. What more could you ask for from a future cool aunt?

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Signs Your BFF Is Going to Be an Amazing Aunt
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