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Should School Proms Be Banned?

With school prom season in full swing, recent stats show that the cost of a school prom has risen by 72% over the past five years! With a third of grandparents now chipping in to help with the expense, have proms gone too far?

Created By Lizzy Arrow 

Personally, I didn't particularly like my prom because everyone just voted for each other, but it was just nice to see everyone for the last time. I didn't really spend that much on my prom dress at the time. Plus none of my friends that I hung out with at the time didn't even go, so it was a bit lame to be honest. I found it as a closer of sorts because I didn't particularly like school.

Why not? You never know what will be your last memory. Whether the parents lose a child or the child loses their parents or grandparents, it is important to make these memories. In recent years, lots of children have been taken away from us too soon; parents and grandparents never get a chance to see their children and grandchildren grow up, get married, etc. Even with parents and grandparents you never know which memory will be their last; everyone gets a piece of the memory.

Attending prom can provide a sense of achievement for children who may have had a tough year or gone through something that couldn't have been helped in their life. Also, it's exciting. It's not every day that a child gets so much spent on them if you think about it.

There has been talk about banning proms due to the expense that they pose to families. However, I think at the end of the day this takes away more from families than it saves them. Celebrities, every royals and the rich, get to spend money on lavish things such as parties and holidays because they have the money to do all that every time they want to. But banning the chance for ordinary children to dress up and feel like a princess or prince or go to a party that's all about them and no one else for once is just wrong. You can’t take away every single thing that makes someone happy; the children will continue to have low esteem and not be happy because some people think it's getting too expensive.

What happens if parents say “Oh you can't have that because there are poor people who can't afford to have a prom because it's getting too expensive, you cannot have everything that you want"? It’s bad enough that children have to work so hard in school or go straight to work after they turn 16. Taking away their chance to enjoy their time in school is not fair.

Yes, there may be some picking on and teasing over dress choice, but at the end of the day, building memories is important for childhood and families. It’s like saying "why don't you go out and play or go out with your friends"? or something like that. Yet when something bad happens like terror attacks, kidnappers, etc you begin to see why they want to stay in because something bad might happen to them. We need to encourage children that it's okay to go out and have fun no matter what happens, otherwise they will not learn to live life to its fullest. 

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Lizzy Arrow
Lizzy Arrow

I'm a full time blogger...I love writing writing is my passion. I write different types of things even have my own website called lizzysweeklyblogs. 


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Should School Proms Be Banned?
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