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Securing Your Future's Future

How To Save Up for Your Little One's Future and Give to Kids in Need

Kidfund is setting out to change the way we save for the next generation.

When I started becoming a dad, I immediately thought about my kid's future. Coming from an immigrant family, our parents barely saved up for themselves and had some little savings for us. One good thing my parents taught me is, while we are young, save up for our family to secure comfort and stability when we get old. That involves our future kids. It's that one thing you can do for your kid that you can control. Only you can make it happen if you want it to happen. Parents do what they can for their kids, and with this digital age upon us, there are ways to achieve that. 

At this day and age, the phrase, "There is an app for that" is getting closer to a reality. In fact, this might be true already at this moment. From food, social media, car insurances, banking, loans and even mortgages, we can find multiple applications available for everyone to pick whatever they choose and use. But, one particular app that I am interested is a savings app. We can all agree that when thinking of savings, bank apps are the ones to go to. But there are other apps that provide these services. One particular app caught my attention... Kidfund!!! 

They've built what parents want for their children and this generation—a socially powered savings app to help families in all walks of life build funds as their kids grow, allowing them with the love and support of family and friends, and educating them with the strength of financial knowledge and good savings habits from the start. It is hard to save money at this time and age, especially in this economy, but this app is very helpful in managing your savings and has the option of how much you can save. You can start small and build your way up when your income changes. You can automate your savings to the app and won't have to worry about forgetting to do so. They also make it easy for families to share a portion of their incoming gifts into accounts for kids in need. You can set a percentage of your kid's gifts to these kids in need. They go directly into college savings accounts for low-income children under the 1:1 Fund, a non-profit partner. They have given over $1.8M to date to help kids in low-income families graduate college. That, for me, is one thing that I admire about this company. I can save up not only for my child but also someone else's that is in dire need of financial help. One good use of this app is, for your kid's birthday and during family holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can send the link or ask your kid's godfathers and godmothers to join in and use the app to send their monetary gift to their godkids, and instead of using that gift to buy physical things that later on, they will get tired of it, they can put that towards their future. That is a good investment to share with your kids. 

I am proud and happy to have started this journey with Kidfund. I encourage everyone who has a little one to install this app and get your savings in check for their future. Get them started while they are young, teach them about it when they understand it, and let them know that they are financially stable. It is now available at the App Store (currently available for US Citizens only).

But always remember, money can't buy the time you spend with your little one. Enjoy it while it lasts and always show love. 

"No Commitment Required. Only love."

Save for your child's future, engage friends and family, and give to kids in need.

Jeff Manglicmot
Jeff Manglicmot

A Striving father and husband, trying to be the best I can be. I'm not perfect, but I try to be the one my family can look up to. I stumble and make mistakes from time to time, most often, but I try to learn from my mistakes.

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Securing Your Future's Future
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