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Raising Love

A Mother’s Story

Our Son Lennon

Hi everyone, my Name is Madie and I am the proud mama of that adorable boy above. Lennon, who will be four in March, has been the light of my husband's and my eyes since the day we laid eyes on him. I watched my son be born. Lennon is all our son, but not biologically. Lennon’s birth mother reached out to me when Lennon was just 11 weeks in her womb. She told me how much she knew I would love Lennon and raise him to be a wonderful person. I try every day to succeed in that. When Lennon’s birth mom called me when she was 32 weeks pregnant, she told me she had gone into early labor. My heart sunk with fear and paralyzing thoughts that this might not turn out the way we wanted. The hospital was able to keep him in for two extra weeks while his lungs were developing more. It was the longest two weeks of my life. Little did I know tougher times were ahead.

At 34 weeks, we welcomed Lennon into the world on a beautiful March day, early in the morning. I laugh at that now since he loves waking up early every morning. I saw his tiny face, tiny hands, and his tiny feet emerge, and thought to myself, he is here, he is here. The hospital staff quickly rushed him to the NICU and I wouldn’t see him until three hours later. It was very hard to see the tubes and wires coming out of him, but I pressed on with a strong face. Each passing day was a victory, like we had accomplished huge steppingstones, and with two large leaps we also take five back. At seven days, we finally got to hold our sweet boy. Seven days later. Since I was able to watch him be born, and do all the mommy stuff first, I told my sweet husband that I wanted him to be the first to hold his son. I snapped a picture that will be on here. The joy and love present in my husband's face is so obvious. It was the start of a beautiful father and son relationship. At 15 days, Lennon developed a bad urinary tack infection and his tiny body had a very hard time fighting it. I remember holding my son and just signing over him praises and healing words. After this scary day, we just began to fight and fight until day 56 when we were able to go home.

Those long grueling 56 days were so worth every second, but it was very hard and now we finally have a little dude to bring home. The best part about the NICU stay was the sweet nurses put him on a sleep schedule so he was all set for when he came home. Little did I know what the years had in store for us.

To be continued...

Daddy's First Time Holding Lennon

Sweet Boy

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Raising Love
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