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Pregnancy and Life

How Life Is Different Going Through Pregnancy When It Comes to Emotions

As we all know life can get hard. What they don’t tell you or what you don’t think about is how life is a different hard when you’re pregnant. It’s harder than I thought it would be. Emotions. Emotions are a huge part of all of it. When you’re not pregnant you get mad or frustrated about things going on in your life; in my case I would get mad and rage out of frustration and immaturity. After every situation we go through, whether we try to understand what made us angry in the first place and how we could have handled it differently, we sometimes sit there (at least I do but everyone is different) and contemplate whether we need changes or we need to find a better sense of ourselves to help us get through those situations and not act out like before. I hope this is making sense 'cause it does in my head but then again I am pregnant and when they say pregnancy brain is a real thing, it’s unbelievably true. 

Now comparing anger and frustration from nonpregnancy to pregnancy. Now being pregnant is a whole other world of emotions, especially anger and frustration. You seriously want to rage and get mad and raise hell when you get upset. As for me? I have so much that has been happening in my life where some days I just want to lay in bed and cry. I don’t mean I am depressed from everything but I’m saying that I want to lay there and after I’m done wallowing in my sorrows from feeling sorry for myself I realize I’m one tough woman. I realize after everything I’ve already been through in my life, I’m a lot tougher than I thought. I’m having a baby boy for crying out loud. We as moms, dads, caretakers, whoever we are to that child, we cannot act as if we are only responsible for ourselves and suffer the consequences of our choices whether it was a bad choice or a good one. Our child is responsible for that as well. Some may not agree and that’s ok. I’m not telling you that this is how it is. But, our child does have some effect from our choices. 

So there are many of us who are already parents and have been through it all and there are some of us like me who are still pregnant and are trying to get the ropes on parenting. I believe I am a parent even though my son isn’t here yet. My son is already my best friend and my pride and joy. I constantly think about how I am feeling in each moment. Whether I am sad, happy, frustrated, mad, whatever the emotion may be. I have to think about them because my little one growing each day inside my belly can feel each emotion I do. Even though I’m always facing trials during my pregnancy (but who doesn’t) I have to think about how I should react because it will reflect on him. I do believe it can affect how he is when he is born. I love him so much already and so beyond excited that I get to be his mother no matter how much we may go through as he grows up. A parent's love will never perish and never stop with their child. We just always have to think about our actions and emotions. But my point after all this is we are human beings bringing life into this world. We as parents need to think about how our actions and emotions will affect ourselves and our children as time goes on. Before, not as much. But now? Absolutely. 

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Pregnancy and Life
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