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It's not all butterflies and rainbows.

Pregnancy. The thing we all eventually want to do to spread our little demons on Earth. They may say you'll miss being pregnant or that it's fun and exciting but I'm going to tell you the things that aren't so pretty. I found out at right about six weeks. I just remember looking in the mirror and finding myself getting stretch marks without gaining weight! What the hell, right? So I order some cream to help it go away and get ready for bed. I go to lay down and I swear to god it was the worst pain I had ever felt. My boobs were falling off I swear. I couldn't touch them, lay on them, nothing. It was ridiculous! I ended up going to the doctor for a routine check-up and just casually asked for a pregnancy test like I did for the past year. Let me remind you, I'm 17 at this point. The doctor walks in, asks how I'm doing, and starts up a conversation as usual when she tells me, "You're pregnant!" What did I just hear? So I went from a 12th grader in high school to a 12th grader in high school having a baby before the legal age that needs to get the hell outta school. Yeah. I remember telling my school counselor that I was having a baby with a former student of hers. She was all excited, as was my mom. I straight up told her I need to get the hell out of school before this baby comes. She agrees and sets me up with six online courses that I need to finish in two months so I can graduate early and be done with school way before the baby comes. I do it and pass all my classes with a 79 percent and higher. Baby now has two graduated parents already. The first few months were a breeze besides trying to remember to take those prenatal pills you need every morning. I remember my first time yawning since knowing I was pregnant and it seemed like something was wrong because it hurt to yawn unless I arched my back. Scared first time mother goes crying to her mother about how, "Oh I'm going to lose the baby mom what do I do?" She has me explain and laughs at me. Yeah, that was my first scare during this long pregnancy. Let's skip to about four months. I remember that someone said to never lay on your stomach when pregnant and it's an obvious reason why. Well I didn't listen and I laid on my stomach and let me tell you, don't do it. I was in so much pain from the extra pressure on my gut cause of my baby I literally cried. Worst pain that had come yet. Still had a month to find out gender and that was the longest month there was. At 19 weeks I found out I was having a boy, hoping she made a mistake I asked,"Are you sure?" Well she showed me and sure enough he wasn't shy at all. Damn, I wanted a girl but hey, as long as he's healthy. That's when the discharge started. Ugh it was so gross! It felt like I was peeing myself but when I used the bathroom, lo and behold, it was a discharge. Me by this time, not being able to shave my legs very well or anything, just kind of gave up on shaving all together except my armpits. Putting on tennis shoes? Nope. Flip flops it is. Wearing jackets from pre-pregnancy? Almost too small already. It was awful. You can't keep anything the same! Your clothes, your shoes, your food, your routine? All ruined. Let's not forget about feeling like you're starving because you can't keep anything down. At six months, everything sort of calmed down. Picked out a name, got baby stuff, and finally settled for a kinda same routine. Then I hit seven months. Worst thing to happen yet. I started getting super sick again and not being able to do anything comfortably. It was a mess. Hurt too much to stand and do the dishes, took too much time to cook dinner, my feet swelled, and tried to lay down and not get cramps from gas. It was a nightmare. Round ligament pain and Braxton Hicks were in store for me. Not to mention the contractions that started around seven months and one week. I decided let's go camping! I always loved camping but this was the worst. I couldn't keep a temperature that was comfortable, couldn't sit comfortably, couldn't lay down, nothing! Not only was I shitty but the weather decided to take a turn. Blew our tent away, put out our fire so we couldn't cook breakfast, and then it started raining. We packed up all of our stuff and got ready to go when we realized our van battery had died. Great! I'm sitting in this van having a contraction while try to get this thing started when we lose hope. Yeah, we're stuck in the hills with no service and a dead van. A couple cars pull by us and ask us if we got this but are unwilling to help or unprepared like us. The last car finally says they can help after sitting there for about two hours. Thank god. So we jump it and go home to me being a bitch because I just want this baby out of me! I'm ignoring my boyfriend, throwing things around, and being a monster just to find out that I wanted food. Got food, laid down, and went to bed. For the past two months I've been dreaming about holding this baby and it pisses me off to wake up to no baby right? So I go to my mom's room and cry, saying I don't want to be pregnant anymore and just go on a rant about how my dreams are making this worse for me and it's not even enjoyable anymore. Well, I'm now eight months pregnant and want him out and to be done being pregnant because I don't believe this will be one of those things I miss. In the end, this long and awful pregnancy will be worth it but as of right now I want nothing to do with it even though I have no choice.