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When It Doesn't Come Easy

From being a friend to young parents to being pregnant with my first child now, everyone has always discussed how easy their pregnancies were and how being pregnant made them feel like they were queens on top of the world. When I first found out I was pregnant, there were so many thoughts racing through my mind from how easy this pregnancy is going to be to planning my baby shower months in advanced. I actually had that sense of great feeling all my friends felt. This feeling lasted about three weeks before the dreaded symptoms of pregnancy started to kick in.

You never hear about other mother's stories about their worst pregnancy symptoms. As embarrassing as it may be, a few "lucky" mothers, like myself, get to bear the brunt of bringing a child into the world. Morning sickness is the worst part of it all. It isn't how the movies portray it to be. Your hair and makeup isn't done to perfection, you don't take your time and prance to the bathroom, and you definitely don't look cute to your significant other while they're holding your hair back. Did I mention it doesn't only stick to the morning either? You're nonstop sick from the time you wake up to the time you get ready for bed. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you're lucky enough though, it stops by the time you hit your second trimester or the middle of your second trimester. If you're not that lucky, you probably have hyperemesis gravidarum that'll last throughout your entire pregnancy, just like poor Kate Middleton and myself.

Just when I thought the morning sickness was over, it keeps coming and going. 30 weeks and in the beginning of my third trimester, I still have morning sickness to this day. I regulate it with medication so I am not constantly out of work or school or in the hospital. Sadly, I've been hospitalized twice for my morning sickness and it's not any fun being in a hospital unless it's your job.

Starting at the end of my second trimester and into the beginning of my third, I started experiencing heartburn and acid reflux which eventually leads to having gallbladder issues. Not all heartburn and acid reflux leads to having gallbladder issues though. Throughout my entire 20 years of life, I have not once experienced anything like it. Gallbladder spasms are no joke and I hope none of you have to go through it. It's a horrible burning pain that goes from your right side through your chest and radiates pain into your back leaving you feeling like you're having a heart attack.

The first time it ever happened, I had fallen asleep for the night and I woke up to this pain on my right side, my entire chest is in excruciating pain, and I can't seem to get a breath for the life of me. Next thing I know, I'm at the hospital with rapid response and NICU by my side because they believe I'm going into preterm labor. Eventually, they figured out it was my gallbladder and sent me home with antacids. The second time this happened, I knew the symptoms and made it to the hospital on time before the pain really started to become severe. This time, they ended up keeping me overnight and they wanted to take my gallbladder out. Sadly, they can't due to Reagan being so big now so I have to wait until after she's born to have the procedure. Thankfully, I haven't had another attack. Currently knocking on wood...

Just when you think the radiating pain into your back is enough, you start to have sciatica and back pain. Sciatica is a nerve that goes down the back of both of your legs. When you're pregnant, sometimes those nerves will end up pinching with the way your back tends to arch as your little one grows. Being 4'11", it isn't easy being tiny and pregnant. It definitely puts a lot of strain on your back. As the pain is bearable, some days it just becomes a little harder to stand up and becomes very uncomfortable.

Although I have to say, my entire pregnancy isn't all that bad. You have good moments here and there that reassure you of becoming a mom. Like the delicious, hunger cravings you get to seeing your baby on an ultrasound or when you feel your little one kicking and moving around. It takes the edge off and makes this all worth it. Now in about 10 weeks, Josh and I will be able to hold our daughter for the first time and eventually, I'll end up forgetting about all the bad, sometimes traumatic, experiences I had during my pregnancy.

Being in the third trimester means the slew of my pregnancy is almost over. With being in the hospital a number of times, I can just tell you now that this is the year I won't be stepping foot inside a hospital unless it is to work or to give birth to Reagan! I know that all pregnancies are not like this and they can be great. I know I'm enjoying my pregnancy now, even though it took awhile. If you've had a tough pregnancy or are pregnant, let me know. I would love to hear your pregnancy stories. If you haven't already, in the meantime, follow any of my social medias to stay up to date and join my mailing list for new updates. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as well and turn on post notifications as new videos should be uploaded starting this month. Thanks for reading!

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Kaitlin Marcelo
Kaitlin Marcelo

Coming from a small town in Virginia to living in the big city of Phoenix, Arizona, Kaitlin, a wife and a mother, has worked hard growing her continual 52.6k fan base with major collaborations and working hard to inspire others. 

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