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One, Two, and Three-Steps

As most of you know, being a parent is a journey. I am a parent of three young boys who, lets say, keep me on my feet. They are a joy! See raising three boys is convenient in many ways. I pass down their clothes, they share the same room, they play and laugh together, and discuss dinosaurs. Yes, they do like dressing in the same outfits. In all, they will grow to love one another.

The first step that I would like to give parents is to be patient. See raising children is not a marathon; it is simply a journey. One in which parents should enjoy. My boys are very energetic, I like to take them to the mountains so that they can get all of the wiggles out. They love climbing on things and it is a part of their nature. The journey is long and sweet. Therefore, be happy during those moments of all three getting along and playing gleefully and in the moments of disagreements. In all, the journey of being patience will blossom into great memories.

A second step that I would like to give parents is to be great listeners. When my four-year old wants to talk about power ranchers or dinosaurs, I am all hears. I am not sure exactly what he is saying at times, but I nod my head and look into his eyes. As parents, when we listen now to our children's stories and engage in their little worlds; we actually open windows for them to speak to us about serious topics later in life. In all, listen with both ears and look into their little eyes. 

A third step that I would like to give parents is to be present. Where are you? My boys often say when I am not in the kitchen. They know that I am in the house somewhere, but the safety of knowing exactly where I am in the house, especially when they want a snack, it is important to them. They want to know where the most important people are in their little lives. Now, I am not totally speaking on physical presence. Because us parents have busy schedules. Be your children's lives in your own unique ways. A busy dad can record himself reading a book to his children, or a mother can write a note to her child and place it in his/her lunch box, or place a phone call to see how little Timmy is doing. Those simple points of gestures can turn into everlasting presents. In all, parents be present for your little ones, because time is of essence. 

Parenting for me is a one, two, and three-step process. I hope this brings encouragement to parents.

Thank you for parenting,

Tanzania Suliman 

Tanzania S
Tanzania S

Hello All,

My goal here is to speak on parenting and family. I know much about it! Although, I do not have all of the answers, I can share my advice, opinions, and experiences with you; I am a mother of three handsome boys. Tune in!

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