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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

They all say parenthood is fun and games. There’s so much joy when you finally get to meet your little bundle of “joy”!❤️

 Then the reality kicks in... especially if you got a greedy little monster like mine!😱

The constant feeds🙈 are a lovely way to bond with your baby and to know that they are getting the right nutrients. There is nothing like the feeling you get from when you get to finally feed and cuddle your baby close to you and form that special little connection with your baby.🍼 But then it just feels like you're getting milked like a cow,🐄 they prefer one boob more than the other and the one they don’t prefer swells up like a balloon ready to go POP!💥 The waking up halfway through the night to plop them on your feeding machines...😴and I warn you if you are reading this while you are pregnant I would advise you to get an electric pump unless you have muscles bigger than your own head 💪🏻(or want them to be). Yes, it is more expensive, but trust me it is well worth it!!! But that’s enough of boobs for now.  

How about the crying. At first, it’s the cute innocent cry for their mummy or daddy, and them looking so helpless. ☺️😍 But then when they cry for no reason you can think of, it does give you a massive headache!! 🤯 You try every little thing you can think of. Hungry? Nope. Tired? Nope. Need a change? Nope. Too hot or cold? Nope. 🤬

Then you just wish they could talk or something just to show you why they are crying but obviously they are just too young to talk.😢 But trust me on this 🙏🏻treasure this time. Once those little mouths start making noises and talking... again, it's cute at first especially when they first say your name. Yeah, at first it’s cute and makes you feel all important until... they start screaming MUM I’m hungry, MUM I’m thirsty, DAD there’s a fly, DAD I’m tired, MUM MUM MUM, DAD DAD DAD!!!! 👀🤐

Then the attitude kicks in. 😠 Yes my, son is one and has an attitude of a 15-year-old. It’s cute and funny at first to see them start to grow into a proper little person, start showing you their personality and you can start having little conversations with them. I love it!!👌🏻❤️ But then comes the arguing, he’s not even two yet and tells me off—yeah, ME OFF!!🙄 If I do something to upset him, OMG, I will sure know he’s not happy about it. 🤣

The tantrums!! If anyone tells you anything about the terrible twos starting at two, they are lying!! ❌They start at as soon as they can talk!!🗣 The kicking, hitting, biting, screaming, crying, pinching and scratching!! 🤕You’ll get it all at some point. I usually get all that just when he’s getting a nappy change. You’d think he would be used to it by now but no, it never happens the way you want... but as a parent you just have got to accept that. 

And finally the eating.🤗 To be fair I was quite lucky, my one was a chunky monkey!!👍🏻 He eats anything and everything. It’s lovely to learn more about your child and to find out what food they like and what they don’t like. But then when they are one, they realise that they too like solid food and will begin to eat your food. 👎🏻They will take food off your plate and run off with it. I personally wouldn’t mind so much but he always seems to take the nicest part of your food that you were saving for last.🍰 What makes it worse is that they will sit opposite you eating the yummy food 🍕while you sit there in envy eating the vegetables or the healthy stuff... 🥦

Oh my god, as soon as they hear a crisp packet rustle it’s like you're their favourite person in the world!! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦It has gotten so bad that I have to hide 🤫or wait until a certain someone is asleep to be able to eat something nice to eat. Then later I will pass out on the sofa at night after stuffing my face to last me until the next day!!! 🤭

Don’t worry and definitely don’t put off off having children because it is honestly the best thing and I wouldn’t change it for the world!! 🌎Hope you like my little post! ❤️🌎👀😂

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